UCP MLA resigns, encourages Smith to run for her seat in Alberta legislature

Alberta’s new prime ministerial candidate has no seat in the Legislative Assembly, but at least one MLA has already offered a seat to Daniel Smith.

Of the seven candidates for United Conservative Party (UCP) and Alberta premiership, Smith was the only non-incumbent MLA. She won her sixth round of voting on Thursday night with her 53.8% share of the vote, beating her second-placed Prime Minister Jason Kenny’s former finance minister, Travis Toews, with 46.23%. .

Friday morning at UCP MLA Michaela Frey He submitted his resignation to House Speaker Nathan Cooper Smith and the Congressional Clerk.

“Looking forward to what’s next and encouraging [Danielle Smith] Running in the Brooks-Medicine Hat,” she wrote on Twitter.

“Our community will be well served by her leadership and representation.”

Smith told reporters Friday morning that he was going to Medicine Hat to discuss a potential by-election.

“I want to make sure [if] It’s about respecting the local process, making sure the local board is supportive, and meeting the local campaign team,” she said on the steps of the McDougall Center in downtown Calgary after the caucuses.

Smith said he is aiming to win a parliamentary seat in a by-election ahead of the next general election against Alberta’s Rachel Notley-led NDP in the spring of 2023.

The UCP government needs to budget in advance of the vote, and Smith has limited time to deliver on his campaign promises before the election. For example, he introduced the Alberta Sovereignty Act, a proposal to ban federal laws deemed harmful to Alberta. and its profits.

Smith also said that even if she wins the vote to become Alberta’s next prime minister, she won’t hold an early election to seek broad mandates for her policy ideas.

On October 3, she told reporters, “When the call for early elections is made, the public is suspicious.”

For most of the leadership race, Smith claimed to run on the home riding of Livingston MacLeod, the constituency currently represented by UCP MLA Roger Reed, who won the seat in 2019 with more than 70% of voters supporting him. Did.

Smith does not run calgary elbow After UCP MLA’s Doug Schweitzer said he would step down in August, she said earlier this week she wasn’t sure if a by-election would be held.

That riding is not a safe seat for UCP. 2008 was held by the Liberal Party, and from 2015 he was held by the centrist Alberta Party in 2019.

Calgary businessman John Horseman, who had run for UCP leadership before dropping out before the party’s deadline, has expressed interest in running for the UCP nomination on moderate horseback.

Rachel Emmanuel


Rachel Emmanuel is in charge of federal and Alberta politics.