‘Ugly fish’ caught in Vermont pond ignites debate. ‘Like it came out of an acid bath’

A strange-looking fish pulled from an ice-covered Vermont pond has sparked online debate about exactly what is so “ugly”.

this is thought to be a chain pickerelusually covered in green “A pattern like a dark chain”

But this one looks like a lab experiment: it’s cream colored with gray specks and a weird yellow racing stripe down one side.

Online angler group Vermont Fishing wrote on Facebook on Feb.

“Has anyone seen or caught anything like this? Is it a partial albino? A pie bald fish? It looks like a fish that has been in direct contact with the ice and has been lying in the refrigerator for hours, but anglers guarantees that you went through the hole exactly as you see it.”

College student Caden Hurley and fellow ice fishers Dylan Partlow and Ryan Vassuer caught a fish at Sabin Pond in Woodbury on January 28th.

Hurley said he was definitely caught off guard by what came out of the ice.

“We saw the flag and ran,” Hurley told McClatchy News. “We knew the species when we pulled it out. I’d guess he’s 22-24 (inches) and he’s 3 pounds. We took quite a few pictures.” I took it and released it.”

Harley has not taken part in the online debate.

When Vermont Fishing asked its 7,100 Facebook followers if they had caught a similar fish, they found the answers to be rare.

Many speculated that the fish were either hybrid Or mutants born from water pollution.

Still others suggested it was something other than a pike.

A chain pickerel looks like this.

The chain pickerel looks like this.

“One Ugly Fish” sterling perse I have written. “It looks like it came out of the inside. acid bath

“I think it’s pretty cool. I know it’s a big mutation, but I think it looks great.” carly buswell Posted.

“I would have kept it and hung it on the wall.” Leva Bartlett Said.

Hurley, a civil engineering major at Norwich University, doesn’t think it has anything to do with water quality. They caught a handful of pickerels earlier in the day, and they were all normal, he says.

Still, he appreciates the interest in fishing the debate has generated.

“I didn’t expect it to get so much attention, but it’s great that so many people are interested, and it’s such a cool memory for me and my kids,” he said.

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