UK allows long-term care resident outdoor family visits to facilitate COVID-19 rules

The UK government announced on Saturday that after being threatened by legal action, caregiver residents could spend time with their families on “low-risk” visits without being isolated on their return home. ..

From May 4, residents will be able to leave the care facility to visit the gardens of friends and family, and walk in parks, public gardens and beaches, according to the Department of Health (DHSC). Press release..

Prime Minister Boris Johnson commented on the new mitigation, saying:

“As the data continues to move in the right direction and the restrictions are relaxed, it is my priority to continue to increase resident visits in a safe and controlled manner over the next few weeks.”

DHSC said it is much safer for care home residents to leave home with CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus cases continuing to decline.

However, they must be accompanied by either a caregiver or a designated visitor, regularly wash their hands, stay socially distant, and follow government guidelines to stay outside.

The DHSC emphasized that “visits should be made only outdoors, with no visits to indoor spaces (public or private), except for the use of toilet facilities, avoiding the use of public transport as much as possible”. ..

The DHSC has lifted restrictions on outdoor “low-risk” visits after being threatened by legal action by the charity John’s Campaign.

Activists said the rule encouraged families to call it “barbaric” and encourage care homes to act illegally by “accidentally imprisoned” residents.

Julia Jones, co-founder of John’s campaign, said the rule changes weren’t quite advanced, and it was “very inadequate” that quarantine requirements remained for those leaving to see a doctor. Said that.

“I still wonder what legal rights the government has to prevent people with sufficient mental abilities from leaving the house like everyone else. I don’t know. I have no idea why they should be under surveillance, “she told the BBC Radio 4 Today program.

PA contributed to this report.