UK allows some ticket sales for Chelsea fans, Abramovich moves two superyachts to Turkey

The British government has amended sanctions against Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and his Chelsea FC to allow tickets for two upcoming football matches. However, the proceeds will be sent to the event organizer, not the club.

Chelsea have defended the EUFA (Europe) Champions League and World League crowns in the quarterfinals vs Real Madrid starting in April, with spectators in the first leg of the home match at Stamford Bridge.

In April, Chelsea fans will be able to compete in the FA Cup semi-finals against Crystal Palace at Wembley Stadium. This also applies to the English Premier League (EPL) away matches.

However, additional home match tickets are not allowed and only regular season ticket holders can participate.

The EPL said the proceeds would be “donated to charity to benefit the victims of the war in Ukraine.”

As part of sanctions by the UK and the European Union (EU), there has been a move against Russian companies in Europe. Abramovich was then forced to abandon Chelsea FC’s management and handed over the club’s management to the Chelsea Foundation’s councilors.

Abramovich also put the club up for sale, canceling out Chelsea FC’s £ 1.5 billion ($ 2 billion) debt to him. He intended to donate the net income from the sale to the victims of the war in Ukraine, but experts say that sanctions by both the UK and the EU cannot return the income to the owners. ..

On March 10, the UK Government announced sanctions on Abramovich, which allowed Chelsea FC to operate under a special license until May 31st. Then, two days later, I dismissed Abramovich as the director of the club.

UK Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston said: “I would like to thank the fans for their patience while working with football authorities to make this possible. Since Roman Abramovich was added to the UK sanctions list in connection with Vladimir Putin, the sanctions system has been in place. We have worked extensively to ensure that the club can continue to play football, while keeping it going. “

Epoch Times Photo
Former Chelsea FC forward Didier Drogba (L) and Chelsea Russia after Chelsea scored a goal in the English Premier League football match between Chelsea and Thunderland on December 19, 2015 at Stamford Bridge, London. The owner, Roman Abramovich, celebrates. (IanKington / Getty Images)

Abramovich initially bought Chelsea FC for $ 1.9 billion in 2003 and has since invested another property for its success.

Currently, seven groups are making purchases, with an estimated selling price of $ 4 billion.

Abramovich had already proposed to sell Chelsea FC for $ 3.9 billion shortly after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began, but the British government’s March 10 sanctions banned him from running the club. .. The EU took steps the following week to impose additional sanctions and travel bans.

Public lobbying to be selected as a priority bidder began on March 22, when Rain Group, a New York merchant bank appointed by the United Kingdom to handle the sale, was considering an offer.

UK real estate tycoon Nick Candy said he had “significantly” increased his initial offer of $ 2.6 billion.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to give football back to our fans and put it at the center of the Chelsea football club’s operations and strategy,” he said.

Candy is part of The Blue Football Consortium, which represents investment proposals from South Korea, including the C & P Sports Group, Hana Financial Group, and third parties.

Todd Bailey, co-owner of the Los Angeles Lakers and the Dodgers, was the first to join Swiss vilionaire Hans Jürg Wis and London-based real estate investor Jonathan Goldstein (CEO of Cain International). Over $ 3.3 billion.

Michael Broughton, former chairman of Liverpool and British Airways, leads a consortium that includes former track star Sebastian Coe, who is showing interest.

Another stakeholder is the Chicago Cubs Ricketts family, along with consortium hedge fund manager Kenneth Griffin.

With 19 years of ownership under Abramovich, Chelsea FC has become one of Europe’s most famous clubs with 21 titles.

Abramovich moves yacht to Turkey

Following British and EU sanctions, a travel ban, and a freeze on his property, two luxury yachts belonging to Abramovich were moored in Turkey.

Abramovich yachts (my Solaris and Eclipse) were carrying the Bermuda flag.

My Solaris was berthed on March 21 at the port of Bodrum in the Aegean Sea in southwestern Turkey, and Eclipse was seen berthed on March 22 at the nearby resort town of Marmaris.

Upon arriving in Bodrum from Montenegro, my Solaris encountered a Ukrainian protest on a small boat trying to prevent the yacht from docking. As stated by Turkish private NTV media.

Epoch Times Photo
The Bermuda-registered luxury yacht My Solaris, owned by Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, will sail along the Turkish coast on March 21, 2022. (IHLASNews Agency / Getty Images)

Meanwhile, a private DHA news agency has confirmed that Eclipse is docked in the port of Marmaris to avoid asset freezes by the EU.

Abramovich was reported to have traveled from Jerusalem to Istanbul on a private jet last week and left for Moscow the next morning.

As a member of NATO, Turkey has not imposed sanctions on Russia or closed its airspace, but has closed the Turkish Straits for most Russian warships connecting the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

Turkey seeks to remain neutral as an intermediary between Russia and Ukraine. They have political and trade ties with both, but publicly criticize Russia’s aggression.