UK announces welcome package for Hong Kong BN (O) status holders

The UK Government announced on Thursday that it will launch a £ 43m dedicated support package to help Hong Kong BN (O) status holders and their families settle into life in the UK.

Under the support program, 12 virtual welcome hubs will be set up throughout the UK to help new arrivals sign up for school locations, access healthcare and even launch their own businesses.

The local council will be funded to provide targeted support for new arrivals, covering additional English training and housing cost support for those in need.

UK schools receive dedicated Hong Kong educational resources to teach students about the historic connection between Hong Kong and the UK and the contribution of Hong Kong-UK and China-UK Diaspora to the UK.

“We warmly welcome the Hong Kongers who arrive in the UK and reaffirm that this government is doing everything in its power to ensure your success and well-being here,” said Community Secretary Robert Jenrick. Said. statement..

“This program ensures that British national (overseas) status holders and their families get off to a great start as soon as they arrive and helps them find homes, schools for children, opportunities and prosperity. I will support you.

“We are advocates of freedom and democracy, fulfilling our responsibilities to the people of Hong Kong and finding a place where these families can call Britain their hometown.”

After the Chinese administration imposed strict National Security Laws on Hong Kong in June 2020, Britain became a citizen of BN (O) status holders when the freedom and human rights of the former British colony were under it. Launched a new visa scheme that provides a way for unprecedented threats.

As of March 19, approximately 27,000 BN (O) status holders and their families had applied for special visas, according to the British Home Office.

Last year, the government estimated that 123,000 to 153,000 Hong Kongers could take the route in the first year, which could reach 258,000 to 322,000 in five years.

“We promised to protect the freedom of the people of Hong Kong, and that’s why we’re proud to help so many people when we need help,” Interior Minister Priti Patel said in a statement. It was.

“I know that the communities above and below our country open their arms to welcome new arrivals and support them to build a new life in the UK.”