UK average gasoline price reaches £ 1.65 per liter

With gasoline averaging £ 1.65 per liter ($ 2.17), drivers continue to suffer from record fuel prices.

Data company Experian Catalyst figures show that the average cost of a liter of gasoline at an outpost in the United Kingdom has increased by 16p over the past month.

As a result, the cost of filling a typical 55-liter family car is about £ 9 ($ 11.83) higher.

The average cost of diesel on Tuesday was £ 1.76 ($ 2.31) per liter, up 24p in just one month.

Brent crude oil price
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Simon Williams, a spokesman for RAC fuel, said the driver “would have a terrible break from these relentless daily rises.”

Crude oil prices soared shortly after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but fell last week, leading to lower wholesale prices.

Williams expressed hope that retailers would “start immediately communicating the recent cuts in wholesale fuel prices,” but “very much protect themselves from any further rises that could suddenly occur. I am conscious. “

He added: “With the Spring statement just a week away, drivers will turn to the Prime Minister to end their misery by reducing obligations or VAT.

“One thing is certain: simply repeating the fact that the fuel tax is frozen at 58p per liter cannot reduce it.”

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