UK calls on millions of people to minimize travel at India’s COVID-19 variant hotspot

To curb the spread of Indian CCP virus variants, the UK government has urged a total of 5.7 million people, or 10% of the UK’s population, to minimize travel and meet outdoors rather than indoors. ..

Health Minister Matt Hancock will deliver an “enhanced support package” to Greater Manchester and Lancashire to address the spread of the Indian subspecies, also known as the Delta subspecies of the Chinese Communist Party, in a speech in the House of Representatives on Tuesday. Said. Communist Party) virus.

As part of government recommendations, people in affected areas should meet outdoors rather than indoors as much as possible to maintain social distance and minimize access to areas of rapid subspecies spread. We sought.

The region is the municipality of Bedford, Blackburn and Darwen, Kirkries, Leicester, Hounslow and North Tyneside, with the 10 Metropolitan Borough Councils of Greater Manchester and the 12 Local Councils under the jurisdiction of the Lancashire County Council. is there.

The local public health director can also reintroduce the face cover into the school’s common areas if desired.

Hancock announced military aid to support the northwestern region, strengthening communication with tests, school test oversight, and underprivileged groups.

He said whether the government would lift the remaining blockade restrictions across England on June 21, as originally planned under Step 4 of the Government’s official roadmap from the blockade of the CCP virus. He said he was facing a “difficult decision”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson told ministers that the data should continue to be scrutinized prior to the decision to lift the restrictions.

“The relationship between cases and hospitalization is changing, but we still need to carefully review the data before making the Step 4 decision,” he said.

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham said the government’s announcement was “very important to maintain a sense of balance.”

“This is guidance, advice to the general public, not lockdown. It’s not a ban,” he said. “This is not to instruct people to cancel their plans, but to be careful when making new plans and to minimize unnecessary trips.”

He said this was “a wise approach given the increasing number of cases seen so far” and thanked the government for “the joint approach taken so far”.

PA contributed to this report.

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