UK conservative backbencher urges government to increase defense spending

Britain’s conservative backbencher has called on ministers to increase defense spending following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

This was after Foreign Minister Liz Truss said that spending 2% of GDP on defense would “must be the lower limit, not the upper limit,” referring to the basic spending commitments of NATO countries. ..

In a report submitted to the government, members of the 1922 Defense Commission stated that the government should increase defense spending at a time when many consider it the “beginning of the New Cold War.” ..

“Over the conservative backbench, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine requires a broad reassessment of human resources and capabilities, as well as increased defense costs,” said Chairman John Baron in a statement. There is. “

“In particular, the report concludes that a moratorium on defense reduction is needed until the end of this reassessment exercise.”

The report was published after the Commission asked conservative backbenchers to provide evidence of defense priorities and discussed this issue.

In 2020, the government promised to spend another £ 24 billion ($ 29 billion) in defense over the next five years, but the Commission said, “It deserves what many consider to be the beginning of a new cold. There is still plenty of room for more spending. ” war. “

Germany’s announcement of additional defense spending warns that Britain no longer has NATO’s second-largest defense budget, and the Ministry of Defense identifies rather than the current number of soldiers, ships and aircraft. The Commission said it should aim for the goal of using 2% of GDP.

The Commission also expressed concern that the military was “overly dependent” on reserves as part of its “cost reduction exercises” and called for personnel readjustments for regular troops.

To reduce costs, the Commission has proposed purchasing more off-the-shelf equipment, for example, abolishing the problematic Ajax vehicle program and prioritizing available alternatives. Ajax has already spent more than £ 3 billion ($ 3.67 billion) on the government and the project is four years behind.

The Commission also called for recruitment to be returned to the company after many publicized issues regarding outsourcing arrangements that failed to meet its goals.

They added that the same should be done to improve “sorrowful” food and accommodation services.

In conclusion, the report states: “Diplomatic and soft power should always be the primary tools for achieving the desired results in the UK, and they also require more resources.

“But comprehensive and well-resourced military measures can help strengthen such measures while reducing the likelihood of armed conflict.

“Recent events mean that defense will become more relevant in the next general election, which has not been seen since the end of the Cold War.”

Baron said the report had been submitted to the government and the Commission “looks forward” to providing the findings directly to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his policy department in Downing Street.

“He would be wise to pay attention to his traitor,” he said.

Poland said last month that it would increase defense spending to 3% of GDP.

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