UK deportation flights to Jamaica take off in just 7 planes

The UK’s deportation flight to Jamaica took off with the expectation that seven out of 112 people would be on board as a result of “last-minute claims” promoted by lawyers and members of parliament.

In a statement to the House of Commons on May 18, Interior Minister Tom Pursglove said the individual to be deported on the flight was a foreign criminal.

He states: “Crimes committed by individuals during this flight include minor sexual assault rapes against children, firearm crimes, trade and import of controlled drugs, and other violent crimes such as actual physical harm. Among them, there were a total of 58 convictions for 127 violations. “

According to the minister, the flight initially had 112 people on board, but eventually only seven left the UK on the flight.

He accused immigration lawyers and lawmakers of not deporting the remaining foreign criminals.

“What we’ve seen in the last 24 hours is a last-minute claim promoted by a professional immigration law firm and a statement from the MP to prevent the departure of this flight,” he said.

In response to this criticism, Labor Party Shadow Home Secretary Stephen Kinnock said, “The Ministry of Home Affairs must deport dangerous foreign criminals who have no right to stay in our country and should be returned to a country of citizenship. “.

But he added, “The Home Office is also responsible for making the right decision to deport.”

Conservative lawmakers have criticized Labor and the Scottish National Party (SNP) for supporting “left-handed” immigrant lawyers over British citizens.

Jonathan Gullis, a Conservative member of Stoke-on-Trent North, said his members were “awake, wet, wobbled on the other side of the left-handed awakened warrior. Crazy. Britain, not standing up for the British people and their safety. “

But SNP Rep. Anne McLaughlin is “extremely blaming” what they call “left-handed lawyers” when Tory lawmakers are only trying to “protect people according to the law.” It’s childish. “

Pursglove acknowledged the importance of proper legal proceedings, but claimed that the system was being abused.

He states: “Of course, it is correct and appropriate for people to have access to legal advice and legal profession, and these issues are the law, but what we cannot continue is this completely imbalanced situation where system abuse is seen. . “

PA Media contributed to this report.

Alexander Chan