UK Ends Daily COVID-19 Update

The UK Government has decided to stop updating COVID-19 daily. From now on, the numbers will only be updated twice a week on the official dashboard.

This week, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) announced that the dashboard will update coronavirus numbers only on Mondays and Thursdays in the future.

The agency wrote on Twitter how it reports With COVID-19 Statistics are “changing within the UK.”

“From today, the COVID-19 dashboard will update UK numbers every Monday and Thursday. Wales vaccine data will be updated every Monday with UK numbers.”

The volume of COVID-19 tests has decreased as part of the free public tests that took place on April 1 have ended. Living with the COVID-19 plan, A government strategy for coexisting with and managing viruses. This affected the COVID-19 statistics.

last week, Reported by the BBC At the end of April, the end of the free test resulted in the largest weekly reduction in infections since 2020. The numbers are now estimates based on randomly testing thousands of people in homes across the UK, he said.

At peak times, the UK COVID-19 capacity was processing daily results From the results of the PCR test site Testing millions of lateral flows.

On May 9, Public Health Scotland moved to report data for Monday and Thursday. This means that UK headline numbers will also be updated on Monday and Thursday. As of April 27, Public Health Wales began reporting vaccination data weekly. Data up to Thursday will be reported next Monday.

The results for these countries and Northern Ireland are Weekly report Via National Bureau of Statistics.

Claire Griffith, Head of the UK COVID-19 Dashboard, Said to the Daily Mail: “As the pandemic progresses, changes in reporting in the four countries mean that COVID metrics will be updated on different dates and schedules.”

“When looking at the reported COVID numbers, we need to consider fluctuations in the reporting schedule, so daily comparisons can be misleading,” she added.

The news follows the new government guidance released on Saturday, From May 12thThe domestic NHS COVID pass will no longer be available and will no longer be enforced.

From July 2021, England opened earlier than any other comparable country and has been relatively unrestricted since then. In most public spaces, masks are no longer legally required.

In February, England abolished the last remaining COVID-19 rule. The need for infected people to quarantine.

Instead, the guidance-only rule is for people who have symptoms of respiratory infections, including COVID-19, who are hot or sick, until they feel good enough to stay at home and resume normal activity. I advise you to avoid contact with other people.

“Once COVID-19 becomes endemic, through sustainable public health measures, we should be able to respond to the virus in the same way as other existing respiratory diseases,” said a life guidance document with COVID-19. I am.

Owen Evans


Owen Evans is a UK-based journalist who covers stories from a wide range of countries with a particular interest in civil liberties and free speech.