UK foreign minister pledges continued support for Ukraine during visit to Kyiv

Foreign Secretary James Cleverley has promised Britain will continue to support Ukraine’s resistance to Russian aggression.

Days after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak visited the Ukrainian capital to announce a £50 million ($60 million) defense military assistance package, he tactfully met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a visit to Kyiv.

After the meeting, the foreign minister wrote on Twitter that the UK was supporting the Ukrainians “not only with words but with deeds”.

“I made a promise today. Britain intends to keep it,” he tactfully said to Zelensky.

Earlier, after a meeting with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleva, he wrote on Twitter: Words alone won’t light up this winter. There are no words to defend against Russian missiles. Britain isn’t just talking about Ukraine, it’s providing concrete support for Ukraine’s defense. “

Mr Cleverley said he thanked Mr Cleverley for his “brave visit” and Britain’s “unwavering support” during “difficult times”.

“Our common goal is the victory of Ukraine, which will restore security and stability in Europe and beyond,” he wrote on Twitter.

Residents of Ukraine
Locals stand near a building destroyed by a Russian missile strike in the town of Vyshhorod near Kyiv, Ukraine, November 24, 2022, as the Russian attack on Ukraine continues. (Gleb Garanich/Reuters)

“Hands-on support”

Russian forces have hit Ukraine’s power grid and other critical infrastructure with missile strikes, causing power outages and leaving millions without access to heat, electricity or water as temperatures plummet. .

During his visit, the Minister of Foreign Affairs pledged a further £3m ($3.6m) for the reconstruction of local infrastructure, including schools and shelters, as well as additional funding to help survivors of sexual assault. was announced.

He also said Britain would send 35 additional emergency vehicles to Ukraine, including 24 ambulances and six armored vehicles.

Tactfully said: Russia will fail.

“The UK stands shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine. Today I announced a practical package of aid for our fighting friends in Ukraine, from ambulances to critical aid to survivors of sexual violence by the Russian military. .

“Here I have seen firsthand how Britain’s efforts are helping brave citizens to resist and rebuild. .”

Meanwhile, the UK has pledged £5m ($6m) to a Ukraine-led initiative delivered through the United Nations World Food Program to ship grain to countries most at risk of famine, such as Yemen and Sudan. increase.

UK Environment Secretary Therese Coffey said: “We are delighted that the UK government can support President Zelensky’s efforts to help Ukrainian grain reach the world’s poorest and most vulnerable countries.

“Global food security is in all of our interests, and helping Ukrainian farmers and the agricultural sector to continue to produce and export food in this most difficult situation is vital to that security. ”

Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Rishi Sunak
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (left) and British Prime Minister Lisa Sunak (President of Ukraine Press via AP station)

Sunak proud to support UK

The slick visit comes less than a week after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak made his first visit to Kyiv since becoming British leader.

During a visit on November 19, Sunak announced a new package of defense aid to Ukraine. It consisted of 125 anti-aircraft guns and technology to counter Iranian-supplied drones, including dozens of radar and anti-drone electronic warfare capabilities.

The British government said it would send specialized military doctors and engineers to areas where critical infrastructure was hit by Russian missiles to provide expert assistance.

Sunak also donated tens of thousands of winter kits for the Ukrainian army, £12 million ($14 million) for the World Food Programme’s response, and £4 million to the International Organization for Migration to help provide generators. We have identified additional aid packages, including ($4.8 million). Shelter, water fix, mobile clinic.

Sunak laid wreaths at war dead cenotaphs, lit candles at Holodomor famine victims cenotaphs, met first responders at fire stations, and used Iranian-made bombs to target and bomb civilians. I was shown that I captured a drone. In recent months, Downing Street said,

The prime minister said it was “extremely humbling” to meet people defending “the principles of sovereignty and democracy”.

“I am proud that Britain has been with Ukraine from the beginning, and I am here today to end this barbaric war and fight for a just peace. Britain and allies say they will continue to support Ukraine.”

Sunak’s cheering for Kyiv shows that he is following in the footsteps of his predecessors, Boris Johnson and Liz Truss.

The UK has provided £2.3 billion ($2.7 billion) worth of military aid, including hundreds of armored vehicles, thousands of anti-tank weapons and multiple-launch rocket systems, according to the UK Ministry of Defense. will be

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