UK fuel prices hit record highs at £ 1.49 per liter of gasoline

British drivers have been hit by record highs in fuel prices.

According to RAC figures, the average price of 1 liter of gasoline and diesel at the UK outpost on Sunday was 149p and 153p, respectively.

This means that the cost of filling a typical 55 liter family petrol car is £ 82, while the diesel model costs £ 84.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams described the price as “another unfortunate landmark.”

He states: “The relentless rise in fuel prices has hurt households above and below the country and has contributed to the cost of living crisis.

“Companies are also struggling to reach new heights in diesel.”

Prices soared against the backdrop of soaring wholesale fuel costs as demand recovered with the resumption of the global economy.

Williams goes on to say: “Oil prices are still close to $ 100, but wholesale fuel prices per barrel aren’t entirely worth the pumping up for retailers.

“Small retailers who buy fuel less often are aware of rising wholesale costs, but the largest retailers who always buy should not currently raise vestibular prices.

“We encourage them to play fairly with the drivers during this difficult time.

“Tensions between Russia and Ukraine still weigh on oil prices, but more oil may come to market from Iran due to the possibility of a nuclear deal with the United States to end sanctions. There is now little hope that it will not happen. “

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