UK gasoline and diesel prices reach new record highs

UK gasoline and diesel prices have reached record highs, according to new figures.

According to statistics from data company Experian Catalyst, the average cost of a liter of gasoline at a British outpost on Tuesday was 167.6p.

The previous 167.3p record was set on March 22, the day before Prime Minister Rishi Sunak implemented a fivep fuel cut.

Diesel prices averaged 180.9p / liter on Tuesday and continue to rise to new highs.

That day, Secretary of Commerce Kwasi Kwaten wrote to fuel retailers “to remind them of their responsibilities,” alleging that they made a profit following the reduction in tariffs.

According to RAC analysis, the average rate of return for retailers per liter of gasoline and diesel is currently 11 pence and 8 pence, respectively.

The month before tariff reduction was 9p for gasoline and 6p for diesel.

Simon Williams, a spokesman for RAC fuel, said: Their margin. “

He added that the driver “feels unprecedented pain in the pump.” This “contributes to the exacerbation of the cost of living crisis.”

AA Fuel Price Spokesperson Luke Bosdet said:

“At least if he didn’t take action in March, British drivers can now say, even worse, £ 2.75 per tank.

“He wasn’t helped by the fuel trade, which wasn’t even able to pass a full 5p fuel tariff reduction and a 1p VAT reduction, despite a 16p-a liter drop in gasoline costs in line with the Spring statement. I brought it. “

In a letter, Kwasi said the British people “expressed concern about the pace of price increases in the vestibule,” and “it does not appear that the prime minister’s fuel tax cut has been passed on to vestibular prices.” Of course I’m dissatisfied with it. ” A visible or meaningful way. “

“It’s unacceptable for prices to vary significantly from different locations, even within the same retail chain,” he writes.

“Therefore, the Prime Minister and I would like to reiterate and convey our expectation that our members will do everything possible to ensure that drivers get a fair deal across the country.”

As a result of being “perceived to be ruthless so far,” the Secretary-General said his officials were recently involved with the Competition and Markets Authority on this issue and regulators were “carefully monitoring the situation.” rice field.

“With evidence that they violate competition and consumer law, I’m relieved that they don’t hesitate to use their power to act against gas stations,” he said. I added.

Gordon Ballmer, Executive Director of the Association of Gasoline Retailers, which represents an independent avant-garde, said retailers’ margins were “often not enough to cover operating costs” due to additional costs such as storage and delivery. No, “he said.

He added that while the Prime Minister announced fuel tax cuts, “oil prices have risen, effectively offsetting the cuts.”

PA media