UK Government Announces “Level Up” Plan in Leadership Crisis

The British government released a blueprint on Wednesday to “level up” the country’s undeveloped areas as Prime Minister Boris Johnson fights to maintain confidence in him.

The new white paper is a 10-year plan that includes the transfer of authority to UK municipalities, improved physical and digital connectivity, increased home ownership, tackling crime, and promoting education, training and investment across the country. Is shown.

Johnson voted no confidence after senior civil servant Sue Gray discovered “leadership and judgment failure” by No. 10 and part of the Cabinet Office in an investigation into a party suspected of breaking the blockade of Downing Street. Facing the outlook.

Johnson addresses inequality in the former industrial zone and the region between London and the southeast, especially in the 2019 elections where Tory made a big profit in the heart of the workers’ previously impregnable’red wall’. We have adopted the “Level Up” slogan as an abbreviation for.

The blueprint revealed by Minister Michael Gove’s level-up sets 12 missions to be accomplished by 2030, and the government said it would be legally stipulated in the flagship level-up and rehabilitation bill.

By 2030, the option of a “London-style” delegation agreement, which the government has described as “the greatest delegation of authority from the modern Whitehall to local leaders throughout England,” will be available to all regions of England. Will be done.

Other goals include narrowing the economic and “healthy expectations gap” between regions, developing “globally competitive cities” in each region, and strengthening R & D investment outside the Southeast. Includes achieving 5G coverage for the majority of the population and improving quality. Increased rental housing, elimination of illiteracy and countless elementary school graduates, improved quality skill training, increased people satisfaction with the town centre and increased involvement in local culture and communities.

Johnson said “breaking the link between geography and fate” and equalizing opportunities across the country was “the decisive mission of this government,” and Gove said the proceedings “broke this historic injustice.” End it and spend some time on the zip code lottery. ” “

Lisa Nandy
Shadow Foreign Minister Lisa Nandy will speak at the Labor Party Conference on September 27, 2021 in Brighton, Southeast England. (GarethFuller / PA)

Lisa Nandy, Labor’s shadow leveling secretary, said the plan was far below what the country needed and what the government promised.

“The minister has spent two and a half years doing this right, and given us more slogans and strategies, few new ideas,” she said.

“Boris Johnson’s answer to our community seeking change is to shuffle deckchairs: a new government structure, a pot of recycled money, and a small refund of the money this government has. [sic] Taken from us. “

Labor leader Sir Kiel Starmer also labeled the announcement as “repackaging, rehashing, recycling” with the funding set by Finance Minister Rishi Sunak in the October budget and spending review. I hinted at a plan.

Asked if some of the money had been previously announced, Gove told LBC that “there is a difference between Rishi, who announced he will give me money, and I use it.”

“A sharp-eyed political journalist may find that he moved from one government account to another in October or November, but in reality it makes a difference when he gets it in the community. It’s new money, “he said.

Tracy Brabin, the mayor of the Labor Party in West Yorkshire, said Gove’s plans “have a lot of joy,” but wondered if snacks would provide enough money to do so. .. Between the prime ministers.

“There is a lot of ambition and a lot of hope, but without real money and resources, you’ll have a hard time,” she said.

Gove told BBC Radio 4’s “Today” program that Snacks gave him “a lot” of money in the Spending Review.

Asked if he had all the money he wanted, he said. need. “

PA Media and Reuters contributed to this report.

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