UK Government Updates Attempts to Outlaw “Guerrilla Protests”


Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government updates attempts to thwart so-called “guerrilla protests” by groups such as Extinction Rebellion, Insulate Britain, and Black Lives Matter, and people move to buildings and bollards. Threatened to make it a crime. ..

Attempts to renew the law on public order and morals had to be withdrawn from previous parliamentary police, crime, judgment, and court bills after being thwarted by the House of Lords.

On May 10, the government announced a new public order and morals bill that would introduce stricter restrictions on demonstrations in England and Wales.

Last year, UK insulation campaign participants wanted to insulate all UK homes to reduce energy usage and carbon emissions, including the M25, orbital highways around London, and others. Blocked some roads.

Extinction Rebellion (XR) has also closed a bridge in central London to pressure the government to speed up the climate change agenda.

Road blockades cost businesses hundreds of thousands of pounds, and some drivers were able to take the law in their hands and drag protesters out of the street.

Interior Minister Priti Patel said on Monday that the government was determined to stop protesters from “stopping” Britain, and was pleased to cause mayhem and misery for the rest of us. The minority who seems to feel. “

Patel said the law does not erode the right to protest, “basic rights … we all value it”, but only to make sure the demonstrations are properly organized. Insisted.

From September 10th, XR threatened to “bring millions of people to the streets.”

XR’s Charlie Waterhouse said, “By announcing a new curb in the Queen’s Speech, we will stop people calling for government action to secure a safe future for people in Britain and around the world. It’s stupid to think. “

He added: Being a bystander is not enough. “

To address the turmoil caused by people gluing and handcuffing buildings and streetlight pillars, the Public Order and Doctrine Bill prepares for “lock-on” and “lock-on” to cause “serious turmoil.” Create a new criminal offense. Maximum penalties up to 6 months in prison.

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Chris Summers


Chris Summers is a UK-based journalist with a particular interest in crime, police and law, covering stories from a wide range of countries.