UK Illegal Immigrants Receive First Rwanda Relocation Notice This Week

The UK government has begun informing some illegal immigrants this week of their intention to move them to Rwanda, the Interior Ministry confirmed on Tuesday.

Recipients will be warned that they may not be able to enter the UK’s asylum system because they “have traveled to a safe country where they could and should have claimed asylum,” the Interior Ministry said. rice field.

He also said the government has the power to detain individuals awaiting removal from Britain.

Under UK’s new nationality and border law, anyone who may have arrived illegally in the UK and claimed asylum in another safe country (including those who crossed the English Channel in a small boat) was in the UK. It can be considered “not allowed” by the asylum system.

The first flight to transport illegal immigrants to Rwanda under the UK government’s new immigration economic development partnership agreement with East African countries is expected to take off in the coming months, the ministry said, affected people. Some lawyers will stop removing them, adding that they will probably file a claim.

Under a £ 120m deal, some of those who illegally enter Britain, including those who crossed the English Channel by small boat, “reset their lives and settled, It will be moved to Rwanda for reconstruction. “

Asylum claims by these individuals are processed in Rwanda, and successful applicants are either granted asylum or given refugee status in the country.

Some unsuccessful applicants will be allowed to stay if other humanitarian needs are deemed necessary. Others will be offered the opportunity to apply for another visa in accordance with Rwandan immigration law.

A person who is not recognized as a refugee and has not been granted permission to stay for any other reason may be deported to the country in which he / she is entitled to reside.

The agreement also states that the Government of Rwanda “allows the return of migrant individuals to the United Kingdom if the United Kingdom is legally obliged to facilitate their return”. Is requested to be taken.

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A dateless file photo showing that a group of suspected illegal immigrants were brought to Dover, Kent, England. (Gareth Fuller / PA Media)

Interior Minister Priti Patel said: A world-leading immigration partnership with Rwanda could allow people on dangerous, unnecessary and illegal trips to the UK to consider asylum claims and move to Rwanda to rebuild their lives there. Means that there is. Loss of life. “

“We know that the intent notification is only the first step in the process, and it takes time because some people try to irritate the process and delay its removal,” Patel said.

“We will not be discouraged from acting to realize the changes that the British people have voted to regain control of our money, law and borders,” the Interior Minister vowed.

The Ministry of Home Affairs said it would conduct a case-by-case risk assessment in determining eligibility for relocation, taking into account vulnerabilities such as disability, sexual orientation, and sex reassignment surgery.

guidance(pdf) Announced by the Ministry of Interior on Monday night, explaining the main issues that decision makers should consider after the notice of intent is issued, “Sexual orientation and gender identity or expression-based discrimination and intolerance against persons. “There is evidence of this,” he said. “It is not a” systemic risk, “but a” persecution or serious harm, “and” the situation may be different for transgender people. “

He added that it is “unlikely” for migrants to face real risks from “some restrictions on freedom of speech and / or freedom of association” in Rwanda.

According to the guidance, individuals who fear abuse in Rwanda for “their’political’groups or views” are likely to “get the negative attention of the Rwandan authorities” to avoid migrating to the country. How and why “should be shown.

If you arrive in the UK under the age of 18 without a companion, your move to Rwanda will not be considered.

Anyone under consideration will receive a notice of intent in favor of those arriving in the UK after May 9th by the Home Office.

The UK pays for the processing costs of each person sent to Rwanda, including case workers, access to legal counseling, translators, accommodation, diet, medical care, and up to five years of training to support integration.

On Friday, activists accused Patel of “racist” and “inhumane” policies and asked her to break Rwanda’s deal during her speech at a conservative supper. ..

At least 7,739 people have arrived in the UK after passing through the channel so far this year, according to an analysis by PA news agencies on government figures.

This is more than three times the amount (2,439) that arrived at the same time in 2021.

PA Media contributed to this report.

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