UK Johnson says the G7 agreement Taliban must allow departures from Afghanistan after August 31st


Global leaders of the powerful G7 group have agreed that the Taliban terrorist group must leave people from Afghanistan after August 31st. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said after the G7 meeting.

A group, including US President Joe Biden, agreed at the meeting that “not only will the joint approach to dealing with evacuation be, but the roadmap for how to engage with the Taliban will probably be.” The Taliban government in Kabul, “Mr. Johnson told British reporters after Pow Wow.

“And the number one condition we have set as a G-7 is to ensure that we pass through safe passages, safe passages for those who want to leave, until after August 31st. It has to be, “he added. ..

If the Taliban disagree, the G7 “has a tremendous economic, diplomatic, and political influence,” Johnson said.

The Taliban hijacked Afghanistan this month after the United States withdrew most of its troops from the country. Today, dozens of flights fly daily from US-owned airports in Kabul.

However, Biden has set a withdrawal deadline of 31 August. This claims that the Taliban is in compliance and otherwise threatens the outcome.

A group spokesman told reporters in Kabul early Tuesday that Americans had to evacuate their citizens by the deadline.

Johnson and other allies pushed Biden to extend the deadline, but post-G7 leaders said the mission had changed to a plan to put pressure on the Taliban.

“Today’s meeting was not a new date,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel told German reporters.

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel will attend a press conference in Kiev, Ukraine, on August 22, 2021. (Sergei Dorgenco / Pool via AP)
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President Joe Biden will speak at the East Room of the White House in Washington on August 23, 2021 at an event honoring the 2020 WNBA champion Seattle Storm. (DrewAngerer / Getty Images)

Still, she responded to Johnson that the leader was “focused on preparing” for the post-deadline phase.

“After this deadline, we need to find a way to evacuate local staff and those in need of protection,” she said.

She added that a group of officials have been gathered from within the G7 to develop an action plan on how to deal with the Taliban in the future.

“We want a unified G7 response, and while each country’s doing its own thing doesn’t help, his evacuation is done with a great sense of unity. That said, of course, it must be emphasized that the United States is in control here, “she said. “Without the United States, we cannot continue to evacuate. We need to clarify this!”

The White House has not yet reported what was said during the meeting. Biden was scheduled to speak at noon EST, but his remarks were postponed for more than 90 minutes.

He hadn’t started talking by 1:45 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Military officials told the Pentagon on Tuesday that the deadline had not been postponed to Washington reporters.

“The plan is to finish this mission on August 31,” said Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

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