UK launches “maximum surge test operation” to curb SA variants in London

UK health officials have conducted “the largest surge test operation” in the country to date to curb the spread of South African variants of the CCP virus at the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), which is part of South London. doing. Said on Monday.

Additional testing and genomic sequencing has taken place in parts of South London, primarily in the Wandworth and Lambeth boroughs, where cases of mutant viruses have been discovered since early March.

To date, 44 confirmed cases and 30 possible cases have been found, DHSC said, and all identified cases have been quarantined or completed quarantine and their contacts followed. He added that he was asked to quarantine.

Dr. Susan Hopkins, Chief Medical Advisor of the NHS Test and Trace, said the South London case group was “important” and told locals “their role to prevent further expansion within the local community.” I urged him to do it.

The government has stated that all persons aged 11 and over who live, work, or travel in these provinces are “strongly recommended” to undergo the COVID-19 PCR test, even in the absence of symptoms. ..

Write to twitterSadiq Khan, Mayor of London, urged anyone living or working in the disaster area to “book a PCR test from the local parliamentary website as soon as possible.”

Dr. Hopkins said: By participating, you can protect yourself and your loved ones, identify new cases that may otherwise be missed, prevent further infections, and save lives. “

Medical experts warn that South African variants of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus are more resistant to antibodies than older variants and may reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine.

According to a study published in February, the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine did not appear to provide protection against mild and moderate cases of South African variants.

Health Minister Matt Hancock said in February that British officials would “kill the mutant virus hard” to limit its spread to the community.