UK launches new visa scheme to attract talent, including graduates from top universities in Hong Kong

The UK home office will launch a new visa system on May 30th, hoping to attract the “brightest and best” people from abroad who are just beginning their careers.

One of the three new routes to obtain a visa, the High Potential Individual scheme is open to graduates from the world’s top 50 universities, allowing qualified individuals to enter the UK without a job offer. Applicants with a bachelor’s and master’s degree can apply for a two-year visa, and a doctoral degree can apply for a three-year visa.

The 2021 list includes the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and the University of Hong Kong, which provides Hong Kong citizens with a travel route to the UK, apart from the British National Overseas Overseas Overseas Visa (BNO).

The list also includes 20 US universities, including Harvard, Yale, and MIT. Tsinghua University and Peking University in China are also listed. Other universities include universities in Canada, Japan, Germany, France and Switzerland.

This visa costs £ 715 and requires an immigrant health surcharge to enable immigrants to use the United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS). Successful applicants can take their family, including their spouse and children under the age of 18. At least £ 1270 for a month before applying for a visa.

You also need to pass security and criminality checks. You must also be fluent in English, at least up to the B1 intermediate level. In other words, you need to be fluent enough to communicate with native speakers.

Potential visa holders are allowed to work in the UK, including self-employment and volunteering, but are not allowed to engage in professional sports, including coaching.

Winnie Han


Winnie Han reports on the Chinese news of The Epoch Times.

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