UK lawyers can follow barristers and continue strike overpay

The criminal justice system in England and Wales faces further confusion with criminal lawyers who are considering taking industrial action following a strike by barristers.

London Criminal Court Solicitors Association (LCCSA) Start investigation Ask members: “Are you satisfied with the current proposal presented in the Government’s response to CLAIR? [Criminal Legal Aid Independent Review (pdf)], And what time frame do you plan to implement them? “

The survey further asks: “The majority of companies in the London area that have litigation assistance contracts publicly promise any or all of the following actions until the government agrees to raise an immediate 25% increase in litigation assistance costs for criminal defense operations: If so, would you join them? “

Attorneys play an important role in the criminal justice system. Arrested persons have the right to consult with them before being interviewed, and if a person is charged with a crime, first hear his defense and then a barrister who defends them in a criminal court trial. It is the lawyer who must instruct. .. Lawyers also represent clients directly in the Magistrates’ Court.

If a lawyer strikes, it will cause great disruption to the system that is already suffering from the unprocessed portion of the trial and the great disruption caused by the barrister’s strike.

“The desire for bold action” among lawyers

LCCSA said there was not only a “desire for bold action” but also “concerns that the contract could be terminated if the tools were stopped and the already unmanageable judicial system was further disrupted.” rice field.

But it’s not just London lawyers who are dissatisfied with payments under the legal aid system.

One of the leading lawyers in Northern England, who couldn’t be named, told The Epoch Times: 28,000 [$33,600]..There are companies in the city [of London] Those who offer £ 150,000 [$180,000].. So how can you compete? “

The Criminal Bar Association (CBA) claimed to have blocked 1,000 proceedings on Monday, the third day of the strike.

Varistors will continue to strike on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with a four-day strike the following week and a five-day strike the week of July 18.

One of the confused cases was the trial of an anti-Semitic podcaster. James All Church At the Swansea Crown Court, which was returned until March 2023.

CBA Chairman Joe Sidu told LBC: “We are still talking to the Ministry of Justice, but the minister says he is refusing to talk to us and negotiate around the table. It’s a way to solve this problem.”

Justice Minister Dominic Raab said the barrister’s strike was “regrettable” and “only delayed the justice of the victims.”

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