UK media regulator probes UK news for potential ‘harmful material’ Interview with Naomi Wolfe


GB News’ Mark Steyn show faces his second investigation of the year by UK media regulator Ofcom, following an interview with author Naomi Wolf on the COVID-19 vaccine.

In a statement Tuesday, Ofcom wrote that it had opened an investigation into an episode of the Mark Stein show that aired on GB News on October 4.

It said it would consider whether comments made during an interview with American author and journalist Naomi Wolfe about the deployment of the COVID-19 vaccine raised potential problems under the Broadcast Act.

“We are investigating whether the program violated rules designed to protect viewers from harmful content,” an Ofcom spokesperson told the Epoch Times in an email.

They confirmed that this is GB News’ second survey related to COVID-19 content.

“mass murder”

Regulators said they received 411 complaints from viewers about Wolfe’s comments.

Wolf is believed to be describing the deployment of a COVID-19 vaccine Because “mass murder” is being investigated.

On his show, Stein posed to Wolfe a topic she’s been dubbed a “conspiracy theorist” for the past two years.

Co-founder of the DailyClout website, Wolfe is a widely-published journalist author of “Beauty Myths: How Beauty Images Are Used Against Women” and “America’s End: He is also a best-selling author of books such as A Letter of Warning to Youth. he is a patriot She was an adviser to then-President Bill Clinton in his 1996 re-election campaign and to then-Vice President Al Gore, both of whom were Democrats.

She is critical of vaccine passports, mRNA vaccines, lockdowns, and media coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wolfe told Stein that “millions of women have had their menstrual health compromised by these mRNA injections,” calling them “biological weapons.”

Stein said these vaccines “cause almost every conceivable kind of injury” and “do terrible things to healthy young men”. He said that he was taken in by “thugs who

“Challenging scientific wisdom and government policy based on it is not harmful, and is exactly what the world needs right now,” Wolff told The Epoch Times in an email.

“It used to be called ‘reporting.’ All my sources are primary information, especially from the Pfizer records themselves. , is what I’ve been doing my whole career,” she said.

“I will continue to do this even in the face of big media and big tech giants who profit from censoring and suppressing open discussion of women’s health,” Wolff added.

Ofcom logo
Ofcom’s logo in front of its London headquarters on January 18, 2007. (Bruno Vincent/Getty Images)


Last year, Wolfe told EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders” that “a handful of villains,” including the Chinese Communist Party, big tech, and the World Economic Forum, have used the pandemic to “end the crisis in such a way as to redesign our freedoms.” was used,” he said. A democratic and open society, especially in the West, especially in the United States, into a post-free society, a post-human society. “

Wolfe’s attorneys said in a letter sent to other publications that Wolfe’s GB News comments “are based on work done by a group of approximately 3,500 medical and scientific professionals.” Forwarded to Epoch Times.

“The team reviewed many reports, including peer-reviewed studies from the National Institutes of Health and prominent scientific journals, as well as internal Pfizer documents released under U.S. court orders,” they said. I was.

In March 2020, Ofcom issued a note to broadcasters (pdf), reminding them that “We consider violations arising from harmful coronavirus-related programming to be potentially serious and consider taking appropriate regulatory action, including the imposition of statutory sanctions.”

The most dissatisfied show of 2021 was ‘GMTV’, where host Piers Morgan commented on Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex on March 8. Ofcom said she received 54,595 complaints about Morgan’s comments on Markle’s revelations about her mental health and suicidal feelings. The program was eventually cleared of any cheating by her Ofcom (pdf).

According to figures reported by Political News Site Guido FawkesMark Steyn had 65,600 viewers on October 10, while rival TalkTV’s Piers Morgan had 27,800.

The Epoch Times reached out to GB News for comment.

Masooma Haq, Jan Jekielek, and Matthew Vadum contributed to this report.

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