UK minister criticizes ‘cheeks’ of illegal immigrants complaining about accommodation

UK minister criticizes ‘cheeks’ of illegal immigrants complaining about conditions in their temporary accommodation at a time when UK taxpayers spend billions to care for them Did.

Pro-immigration campaigners are threatening legal action against UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman over the conditions at the Manston detention center for illegal immigrants in Kent.

Detention Action, NGOs, and lawyers representing women detained in Manston sent an urgent pre-trial letter to the Home Office on 1 November, calling for “unlawful treatment of those detained in institutions” and “severely deficient treatment.” denounced a certain state. ” there.

But Chris Philippe, the UK Home Office minister, said the center was “legally compliant” and that Britain’s asylum facilities were “better than most European countries”.

In an interview with Times Radio on November 4, Philip said:

He said that people who passed through other countries in Europe “don’t even need to come here” and that the numbers were “overwhelming”.

“We spend between £2bn and £3bn a year caring for people who enter the country illegally and unnecessarily,” he added.

‘Caring and Respect’

Philp’s comments were criticized by the opposition. Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesman Alister Carmichael said the minister’s remarks “reveal a shocking and callous complacency over the disaster unfolding in Manston”.

Downing Street then appeared to distance itself from Philip’s comments.

Asked if Philip was representing the government, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s official spokesman said illegal immigrants “deserve to be treated with compassion and respect.”

“Obviously, the current approach is not working and puts a lot of pressure on both governments and the region. It presents a significant challenge. Continuing. Please try to resolve this issue.”

Manston’s workforce has fallen to 2,600, with 1,200 leaving the site in the past four days, Downing Street said.

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Alexander Chan