UK Northumberland Gigafactory Receives Government Support

The UK government is supporting plans for a battery giga plant for electric vehicles that will employ 3,000 people and create an additional 5,000 jobs.

The Britishvolt plant project in Blythe, Northumberland is backed by the Government’s Automotive Transformation Fund.

Government support is for an undisclosed amount that is estimated to be around £ 100 million.

British Bolt Gigaplant
The artist’s impression of the Britishvolt Battery Gigaplant in Northumberland. (Britishvolt / PA)

The company said it would cost £ 3.8 billion to set up and start production of the factory, and the cost of the building itself would be £ 1.7 billion.

It is capable of producing 300,000 battery units each year and should supply about 25 percent of the current UK market.

In December 2020, the company first announced its intention to build the UK’s largest coal-fired power plant on the former 93-hectare site.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“Supported by government and private sector investment, this new battery plant will promote the production of electric vehicles in the UK while at the same time leveling opportunities and having thousands of new advanced skills in the industrial center community. Bring a job. “

PA media