UK resettles up to 20,000 Afghans under the new scheme

The government has announced that the UK plans to provide sanctuaries to about 5,000 endangered Afghan citizens by next year, up to 20,000 in the long run.

Western nations are currently struggling to evacuate their citizens and Afghanistan’s allies from Afghanistan, preparing for the next refugee crisis as the future of the Taliban-controlled nations is uncertain.

The terrorist group’s promise to establish an inclusive government and freedom for women under Shari’a law is deeply skeptical in many reports of the killing and intimidation of opponents and the demand for forced marriage of women and girls. Faced with the argument.

UK announced new on Wednesday Afghan Citizens Resettlement Plan Reset Afghans at risk in the UK.

The government said priority would be given to those at the highest risk of Taliban human rights abuses and inhumane treatment, including women, girls, religious and other minorities.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in the UK[s] A sign of gratitude to the Afghans who have worked with the UK for the past 20 years, he is “proud” that the UK can help those who “are in urgent need of our help.”

Approximately 5,000 Afghan citizens are expected to resettle in the UK in the first year under the new regime, which will continue to be considered for the future.

The government said the total number would be up to 20,000.

According to the government, a resettlement scheme for vulnerable people in Syria, modeled after the new Afghan scheme, resettled 20,000 Syrian refugees in the seven years from 2014 to 2021.

The new scheme is separate from the Afghanistan Relocation Assistance Policy (ARAP), announced last December and launched on April 1, in addition to the ARAP embassy and other current and former Afghanistan in the United Kingdom. Designed to relocate employees of. Support staff, people in political or counterterrorism roles, or cultural advisers and their families.

The government also added that Britain has provided Britain with thousands of asylum seekers in Afghanistan, and many Afghan citizens have begun to work and study under a point-based immigration system.

The government has promised that the new system will not compromise Britain’s national security, as applicants “must pass the same rigorous security checks as those resettled through other systems.”

Johnson added that the government will also focus on stabilizing Afghanistan.

“The best solution for everyone is Afghanistan, which works in all Afghanistan,” he said.

“It means that the international community will come together to set firm political conditions for the future governance of the country, which is the resilience of the wider region to prevent humanitarian emergencies. It means focusing our efforts on enhancing. “

Home Secretary Priti Patel spoke with counterparts in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States on Tuesday to discuss the situation in Afghanistan and the upcoming refugee crisis.

Lily Zhou