UK sends first helicopter to Ukraine

The British military has reaffirmed its commitment to Ukraine by sending more aid to the war-torn country.

Secretary of Defense during a visit to Norway Confirmed by Ben Wallace His “unwavering” support and for the first time since the Russian invasion, the UK will send Sea King helicopters to Ukraine.

In addition to the aircraft, Wallace confirmed that Britain would provide an additional 10,000 artillery shells, so the Ukrainian military could “secure land recovered from Russia in recent weeks.”

The UK has also pledged to supply the Ukrainian Army with winter kits, as temperatures could dip below -20 degrees Celsius as the weather changes. The group was expected to deal with the effects of Russia’s aggression and Sweden’s and Finland’s applications for NATO membership.

Over the past six weeks, the Royal Navy has trained 10 Ukrainian military crew members and their technicians to operate Sea King helicopters as NATO member states have so far refused to send troops to Ukrainian territory. has provided

Russian President Vladimir Putin has clarified that any physical intervention by NATO forces invading Ukraine and targeting Russian forces would be considered a “global catastrophe”.

attack continues

Amid continuing Russian attacks on Ukraine, rockets destroyed the maternity ward of a hospital in the southern city of Vilnyansk, killing a two-day-old baby, prompting the country’s first lady to condemn the action and denounce Ukrainians. “Never forget, never forget,” he vowed. forgive. “

In recent weeks, Russian forces have withdrawn from strategic cities following the advance of Ukrainian forces, including the key city of Kherson, considered the gateway to the Black Sea.

Russia has changed its strategy and is focusing on attacks on critical infrastructure such as the country’s power grid, causing widespread power outages.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the UK has been a staunch military ally of the country and remains the country’s second largest donor after the United States.Former prime minister boris johnson One of the first Western leaders to show support, after leaving Downing Street, her successor, Liz Truss, reaffirmed Britain’s commitment. And on his November 19th, less than a month into his inauguration, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak made a surprise visit to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and paid him £50 million ($60 million). announced the air defense package of.

Britain has so far provided about £2.3 billion ($2.7 billion) in military aid, even as some Western supporters question how long they can continue to support the invasion. However, Sunak confirms: Year. “

Dan Warren