UK supermarket chain removing “expiration date” of own branded milk to reduce food waste

Morrisons, a British supermarket, plans to remove the “expiration date” from milk packages at the end of January to prevent millions of pints of its own branded products from being unnecessarily thrown away by customers each year. Confirmed by the Guardian.

Bradford-based supermarkets instead date 90% of their branded milk, including their own branded British and Scottish milk, Morrisons for Farmers Milk, and Morrisons Organic Milk, with a “best before” date, according to the Guardian. Announced to set.

Morrisons asks its customers to use a simple “sniff test” to determine if they can drink milk.

“Waste milk means wasted effort by farmers and the release of unwanted carbon into the atmosphere,” said Ian Goode, a senior milk buyer at retailers.

“Good quality, well-maintained milk has a lifespan of a few days after the normal” expiration date “date. I think we need to consume, not tilt the sink, “he continued. “So we take a bold step today and ask our customers to decide if their milk is still good to drink.”

Non-profit food waste wrap said Morrisons was the first supermarket in the UK to announce its relocation.

Marcus Gover, CEO of Rap, said: I take action. “

The UK wastes about 330,000 tonnes of milk each year and is worth more than £ 150 million ($ 204 million). 2018 data from lap.. Most of the wasted milk is thrown away at home, making it the third most wasted food in the UK after home staple foods such as potatoes and bread.

Morrisons Courtauld Commitment 2030, A voluntary agreement to reduce food waste, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and water stress as the UK food and beverage industry seeks to meet global environmental goals.

The “best-by date” is related to food safety, and the “best-by date” is related to food quality. For expiry products containing milk UK Food Standard’s Agency The (FSA) states that consumers should eat food only by the best-by date and expiration date, and not after that.

“After the best-by date, it looks and smells good, but it’s not always safe to eat. It can still be contaminated,” says FSA Guidance. “You can’t see, smell, or taste the bacteria that cause food poisoning.”

However, the “best-by date” attached to a product means quality, not safety, and the FSA states that such products can be safely eaten after this date, but may not taste good. I am.

Morrisons told the Guardian that customers need to hold a bottle over their nose to check for milk. If it smells sour, it may not be usable. If it clumps and forms a lump, it also indicates that it may have disappeared.

The Epoch Times contacted a Morrisons spokesperson for comment.

Catabella Roberts


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