UK survey reveals poor compliance with COVID-19 self-quarantine rules

According to major studies, compliance with the COVID-19 self-quarantine rule is low in the UK, raising concerns about the effectiveness of the government’s test and trace system.

Studies published in British Medical JournalIs based on 37 nationally representative surveys of 53,880 participants in the United Kingdom conducted between March 2, 2020 and January 27, 2021.

Only 51.5% of respondents were found to be able to identify the main symptoms of COVID-19 caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.

Only 18% of symptomatic individuals said they requested testing, while 42.5% of symptomatic individuals in the last 7 days adhered to complete self-isolation.

The author of the report, a King’s College scholar, said: “The rate of symptom recognition, testing, and complete self-isolation is so low that the effectiveness of current forms of UK testing, tracking, and isolation systems is limited. I am. ” London and University College London. One of them belongs to the Behavioral Sciences team of the UK Public Health Services.

However, they admitted that “some improvement has been seen over time.”

Non-compliance factors include “maleness, young age, dependent children at home, low socio-economic grade, great financial difficulties during a pandemic, and working in major sectors. What you are doing. “

The government questioned the findings, citing statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics (ONS).

“Since May last year, NHS Test and Trace has contacted 3.2 million people who tested positive and an additional 6.4 million contacts. There are countless lives behind these numbers. It has been saved, and according to the latest ONS statistics, when people are asked to quarantine, the overwhelming majority do so, “a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health said in an email.

Survey data published by ONS Last week, 86% of people who tested positive for the CCP virus reported that they were fully compliant with self-quarantine guidance during the period of complete quarantine.

“It’s important to keep your bit going by being isolated when people are asked. As the coronavirus epidemic diminishes, our testing and tracking systems quickly become threatened by new variants. It will be more important in identifying and controlling local outbreaks, while responding to, “said a spokesman.

The House of Commons Public Accounting Committee said last month that there was no clear evidence that the UK’s test and trace system was effective in tackling the pandemic.

However, Health Minister Matt Hancock said the service was “a great job” and “very grateful to them.”

Baroness Dido Harding, who headed the NHS Test and Trace, said the service was “essential to the fight against COVID-19.”

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