UK Try COVID-Domestic Status Certification

The UK government said Monday that “COVID status certification” would be tested in a national setting to make it more secure to relax restrictions on the CCP virus.

so Press conference Held in Downing Street, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said all UK shops, gyms, hairdressers and outdoor hospitality areas will reopen next week following the government’s roadmap from the blockade of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus. ..

Newly published Review In the roadmap, the government said it would begin trials of COVID status authentication in certain settings, including large-scale events.

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West Ham fans line up to enter the stadium ahead of the West Ham United and Arsenal Barclays FA Women’s Super League match at the Chigwell Construction Stadium in Dagenham, England, on September 12, 2020. I am. (Mark Atkins / Getty Images)

The government said it believes that “COVID status certification may play an important role domestically and internationally as a temporary measure.”

“COVID status certification is intended to provide a sense of security that individuals are reducing their risk of infection. This allows them to accept more participants, for example at large events, and passengers. Some freedoms could be restored more safely, including higher numbers, more relaxed border restrictions for travelers, and more relaxed rules for social distance, “says the review.

The government said other countries have already developed their own authentication systems, such as Israel’s “Green Pass” and the European Union’s “Digital Green Certificate.”

The so-called “vaccine passport” is a controversial issue in the UK. Recognizing that “vaccination is not suitable for all citizens,” the government has proposed other means of demonstrating a low risk of infection.

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Police officers will speak to people sitting outside a pub in Soho, London, on September 24, 2020. (Peter Summers / Getty Images)

Authentication of COVID status is expected to be proved in three ways: Negative immunoflow or PCR tests performed at the test site the same day or the day before admission to the venue. Alternatively, by proof of innate immunity, for example, by a time limit of 180 days from the date of the positive test, and by previous positive PCR after the completion of the self-isolation period. “

The government said there are settings that do not require certification, such as mandatory public services, public transport, and mandatory shops, to ensure that everyone has access.

However, the certification states that it may “play a role in reducing the requirement for social distance” in a hospitality environment. However, the government said, “We recognize that this will have a significant impact on companies and their customers, so we will discuss further with the industry.”

Last week, dozens of MPs from across the political spectrum joined forces in opposition to the possibility of introducing a COVID status certificate.

Sir Kiel Starmer, the leader of the main opposition Labor Party, said in a newspaper interview that demanding a vaccine passport for social activities is against “British instinct.”

Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the influential 1922 Backbench Conservatives Committee, called COVID certification “split and discriminatory.”

A representative of the British pub industry also wrote to Johnson, saying, “angerWith the idea of ​​introducing COVID certification in hospitality facilities.

“This will prevent millions of young people from visiting the pub for months unless they are tested in advance,” they said.