Ukraine announces video of Russian fighter jet crashing shortly after takeoff

Russian Air Force Su-25 SM attack aircraft.

File photo of Russian Air Force Su-25 SM attack aircraft.AFP via Sergey Venyavsky/Getty Images

  • The Ukrainian Defense Ministry has posted a video where they say a Russian fighter plane has crashed.

  • The video appears to show an Su-25 jet crashing shortly after taking off with another jet.

  • Insiders were unable to independently verify the video.

A video recently posted online shows what appears to be a Russian fighter plane crashing shortly after making a sharp turn during takeoff.

The clip, which is said to have been recorded in occupied Crimea, was posted online by a pro-Ukrainian account on Monday.

It has since been reposted on Tuesday by Ukrainian government accounts, including the Ministry of Defense.

“Sunday morning in Crimea. Another Su-25 down. Incompetent at all levels,” the ministry said, along with a 40-second clip.

It showed two Russian fighter jets taking off side by side. Shortly after takeoff, both jets banked to the left. One appeared to lose power and fell to the ground, causing an explosion.

Crimea, which Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014, was used as a stopover point for Russian forces, though many of its recent invasions were too far from the front lines to see ground fighting.

But in August Ukraine ended its daring strike The Crimean Air Force Base, which has dealt a heavy psychological blow to Russia, has shown that the territory is not safe.

Insiders were unable to independently verify the video and the exact time it was taken. The insider was unable to find a recording of the footage dated before Monday, suggesting it’s really recent.

The first post the insider found was from the official Telegram Accounts of Ukrainian political partiesThird Ukrainian Republic.

expert analyst, Including Rob Leeposted the footage and discussed it, suggesting it was legal.

Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to the Ukrainian government, said: reshared the clip On Monday I wrote: [a] A Russian Su-25 plane at one of the airfields in occupied Crimea…if that’s the spirit of Russia, it looked low.”

Su-25 Soviet tank destroyer aircraft Used by both Russia and Ukraine in conflicts. The February 24th Russian invasion of Ukraine resulted in the most sustained air-to-air combat in decades.

Neither side wants to go deep into enemy airspace, so Ukrainian and Russian fighters prefer to use long-range missiles and strike at low altitudes near the front lines. An insider previously reported.

At least 49 Russian and 37 Ukrainian fighters Lost confirmation As of August 30th, Insider reports, but the actual number may be higher.

video came Amid reports that Russian troops were forced to withdraw From the eastern region of Kharkov after Ukraine launched a swift counterattack last week.

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