Ukraine Attempts to Retake Key Land That Could Disrupt Russia’s Missile Barrage

Pre-war photo of the Kinburn Sandbar.

Pre-war photo of the Kinburn Spit in Ukraine.iStock/Getty Images Plus

  • Ukraine is trying to get a small piece of land that gives it a big strategic advantage.

  • The Kinburn Spit is the site of a Russian missile launch and controls a major river in Ukraine.

  • Ukraine launched operations there, Forbes reported That some Ukrainians landed.

Ukraine seeks to seize control of major rivers and control of strategic lands that will allow it to deter Russian missile attacks.

Ukraine Confirmed that they are trying to regain control of the Kinburn Spit — A strip of land across most of the mouth of the Dnipro River, taken by Russia in June.

Ukrainian officials said they would not release details until the operation was completed.forbes reported on thursday Ukrainian special forces landed on small boats in the Spit in an amphibious assault.

No mention was made of the size or degree of armament of the landing force. It was also not clear how much defense Russia had.

However, if Ukraine can recapture the Kinburn Spit, it will gain a significant new advantage.

Russia is using the Strip to attack nearby Ukrainian cities with missiles and artillery, according to a recent War Research Institute update.

A map showing where the Kinburn saliva is located in relation to the Black Sea and the city of Kherson.

A map showing where the Kinburn Spit is in relation to the Black Sea and the city of Kherson.Google Maps/Insider

Ukraine’s retaking of the peninsula would “free” it from Russian aggression by keeping these areas out of range, it said.

Russia has relied heavily on artillery and missile strikes for its entire invasion, and in recent weeks has conducted missile and drone strikes on residential areas that appear aimed at cutting off electricity and water supplies to civilians. is running an intense campaign.

According to the ISW, taking the Kinburn Spit from Russia would not end the Russian offensive per se, but would reduce Russia’s ability to attack some areas.

Whoever takes possession of the peninsula will gain greater control over the entrance to Ukraine’s most important waterway, the Dnipro River, the ISW said.

Russia now controls most of the eastern side of the river, while Ukraine controls the western side after recapturing the city of Kherson earlier this month.

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