Ukraine becomes a “new Chechnya” when invaded by Russia: Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that the invasion of Ukraine would be a long-term “painful, violent and bloody business” for Russia.

Mr Johnson said Russians “need to understand it.” [Ukraine] It could be their new Chechnya. ”—The country of the North Caucasus, which has been in conflict with Russia for over 26 years.

The UK said on Monday that it had begun withdrawing embassy staff and dependents from Kiev, but EU High Representative Josep Borrell said, “I’m not going to do the same because I don’t know the specific reason.”

When asked what the UK knew what the EU didn’t know, Johnson said, “A plan for a lightning war that could rob Kiev is something everyone can see.” Told to. Battlegroups on the Ukrainian border. “

But despite “quite dark” intelligence, Johnson doesn’t think the predicted aggression is “inevitable,” and the West clearly warns the Kremlin that it will be a “disastrous step.” He added that it was necessary.

“The UK is working with partners around the world to lead the creation of a package of economic sanctions,” Johnson said, adding that he will speak to Washington and other country counterparts on Monday night. Added.

“But from a Russian point of view, the message that the invasion of Ukraine will be a painful, violent and bloody business also needs to be overcome, and that this could be the new Chechen. I think it is very important for the Russian people to understand. “

Johnson says he has been to Ukraine several times and believes that Ukrainians “fight”.

The Prime Minister also said that Britain “helped to strengthen the resistance of Ukrainian friends,” including expressing support for the supply of defense weapons and “the integrity of Ukraine’s people … and … Ukraine’s sovereignty.” Stated.

In a clear damage management effort against US President Joe Biden’s “minor intrusion,” Johnson said, “Any intrusion into Ukraine, any invasion of any kind, in any dimension is not a cost-effective business. It will be. “

“There will be casualties, and I think the Russian people need to understand that it could be their new Chechnya,” he said.

Britain and Australia said on Monday that they had begun withdrawing embassy staff from Ukraine, but Germany provided assistance to the staff’s families and civilians who wanted to leave.

The U.S. Department of State has ordered the families of U.S. government officials at the embassy in Kiev to leave the Ukrainian capital and approved the voluntary departure of non-essential civil servants on Sunday night.

Countries have also issued travel warnings to Eastern European countries regarding the risks of armed conflict.

Russia dismissed Britain’s claim that Moscow plans to establish a pro-Russian leader in Kiev on Sunday, calling it “very dangerous” and “stupid rhetorical provocation.”

Lily Chow


Lily Zhou is a freelance writer who mainly covers the British news of The Epoch Times.