Ukraine calls on India, Pakistan and China to demand the release of students allegedly held hostage by Russia

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry urged governments in India, Pakistan, China and other counties on Thursday to demand the release of students allegedly held hostage by Russia, but Russian officials have kept them hostage by Ukraine. Claimed to be.

and statement, Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry has asked the government to allow Moscow to open a “humanitarian corridor” in Ukraine so that it can take civilians to other safer cities in a Moscow-led aggression. Requested.

“We allow the governments of India, Pakistan, China, and other counties hostaged by Russian armed invasion in Kharkov and Smy to open humanitarian corridors to other Ukrainian cities. I urgently request Moscow to do so, “said the ministry.

The ministry also urged Russian troops to “immediately stop hostilities in Kharkov and Smy” so that civilians, including foreign students, could be evacuated to safer Ukrainian cities.

“Students from India, Pakistan, China and other counties cannot leave due to indiscriminate bombardment and barbaric missile attacks by Russian troops on residential and civilian infrastructure,” the ministry said.

“The Ukrainian government is ready to help foreign students migrate from Kharkov and Smy if Russia promises a ceasefire. Arrange evacuation through cities exposed to Russian bombing and missile attacks. Attempting is very dangerous. “

The ministry added that the Ukrainian government has promised to provide all “necessary support” needed to leave the country and return safely to international students who are currently stranded in the country.

The ministry’s statement comes after the Kremlin claims that the Kremlin has maintained a large group of Indian students as “hostages” in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv.

Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city, continues to be attacked by Russian missiles, many of which are reported to be damaging private infrastructure.

A video released Wednesday by the Ukrainian Ministry of Emergency showed that the regional headquarters of the Kharkov Interior Ministry were on fire when firefighters fought to extinguish the flames.

On Tuesday, the area’s administration building in Kharkiv’s Freedom Square was attacked by what is widely believed to be a missile, killing six people.

“According to our information, Ukrainian authorities are forcing a large group of Indian students who want to leave Ukrainian territory to Belgorod in Kharkov,” the Russian Defense Ministry said. .. Said on Tuesday..

“In fact, they are detained as hostages and offer to leave Ukraine’s territory via the Ukrainian-Polish border. They offer to pass through territories where active hostility is taking place. I did. ” Ministry said.. “Russian troops are ready to take all necessary steps for the safe evacuation of the Indian people, and as suggested by the Indian side, Russian with its own military transport aircraft or Indian planes. Send them home from the territory. “

On Thursday morning local time, the Indian government denied such reports from Russia, saying that the Ukrainian embassy was in constant contact with Indians still in the country.

“We have not received any reports of hostage status on any of the students. Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi said that he was special in taking students from Kharkov and the surrounding area to the western part of the country. Requested assistance from Ukrainian authorities in arranging trains. Said in a statement.

Bagchi added that India is coordinating with Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Moldova, and that a “majority” of Indians have recently been evacuated from Ukraine.

Around it 8,000 IndiansThe majority of students are still believed to be stuck in Ukraine. The Government of India has urged the public to urgently leave Kharkov in three nearby locations.Even on footIf no other means of transportation is available.

“I can’t find a car or bus and students at the station can walk to Pesochin, Babai and Bezlidivka,” the Indian Embassy in Ukraine said on Wednesday. “Proceed immediately. Under all circumstances, Indians must reach these settlements by 1800 hours (Ukrainian time) today,” it said.

Pakistani and Chinese government officials have not yet commented on a statement from the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Catabella Roberts


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