Ukraine claims it killed nearly 3,000 Russian troops

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense claimed on Friday that about 2,800 Russian soldiers were killed in the first 36 hours of the Russian invasion.

Defense Minister Hannah Mallar said on Friday that Russian troops also lost about 500 armored vehicles, 10 aircraft and 7 helicopters.

If confirmed, it would mean that Russia suffered more losses within 48 hours than US soldiers suffered during the 20-year invasion of Afghanistan.

Russia has not announced the number of casualties. The United Nations reported that 25 civilians were killed and 102 were injured. This is a number that is likely to be a “significant underestimate.”

None of the casualties could be independently verified.

A senior Pentagon official who spoke with reporters on Friday said the United States could not confirm the number of Russian soldiers killed.

Epoch Times Photo
The wreckage of the vehicle is on the road after a skirmish between Ukrainian troops and a Russian assault corps in the Ukrainian capital Kiev on February 25, 2022. (Sergei Supinsky / AFP via Getty Images)
Rising smoke
On February 24, 2022, smoke and flames rose near military facilities after Russia apparently went on strike in Kiev, Ukraine. (Efrem Lukatsky / AP Photo)

“We cannot quantify the casualties that either side endured, other than saying that reports of casualties in Ukraine were certainly seen. There is no reason to dispute it, but to quantify them. In terms, I can’t do that, and I believe we’ll do that, we’ll be able to do it, “said a senior defense official. Said Friday reporter.

Last Friday, Ukraine is not a member of NATO, but Ukraine’s leadership has made some urgent petition for help.

“This morning we are protecting our country alone. Like yesterday, we were looking at the most powerful countries in the world from a distance,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky clearly told the Biden administration. Mentioned and said. “Russia was hit by sanctions yesterday, but these are not enough to drive these foreign troops out of our lands. Only with solidarity and determination can this be achieved.”

Zelenskiy’s adviser said Ukraine is ready for negotiations with Russia, including maintaining neutrality, one of Moscow’s prewar demands. The Kremlin offered to meet in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, but Ukraine proposed Warsaw instead, stating that there was now a “pause” in the contacts.

Russia is one of the world’s largest energy producers, Europe’s largest gas supplier, and both Russia and Ukraine are one of the largest exporters of grain. Wars and sanctions are expected to disrupt economies around the world.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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