Ukraine claims that Ramzan Kadyrov’s army has killed three Russian troops who no longer want to fight.

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov holding a microphone in front of the Russian flag.

Ramzan Kadyrov, Chief of the Chechen Republic.Yelena Afonina / TASS via Getty Images

  • Ukrainian military officials said Putin’s ally Ramzan Kadyrov’s army had killed three rioting Russian soldiers.

  • Kadyrovite militias have a reputation for atrocities and are reported to be fighting in Ukraine.

  • Insiders couldn’t verify the claim, but it’s one of many similar reports of Russia’s low morale.

Ukrainian officials are three Russian soldiers who did not want the troops working for Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of the Chechen Republic and an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, to fight in the Ukrainian war. Said that he had killed.

According to an official statement by Colonel Ivan Alefiev, a regional military spokesman, many Russian soldiers rioted over the promised wage shortage in Polohi, a district in the southeastern part of Ukraine in Zaporizhia.

statement, Post to Telegram On Wednesday, Ukrainian intelligence said it had discovered that the soldier in question was “ready to abandon his weapons and go home.”

However, the fighters who responded to Kadyrov “brutally killed” three of the Russian soldiers, Alefiev’s statement said.

Insiders were unable to confirm the case and did not immediately receive a response to inquiries to the Russian embassy in London and the Chechen parliament.

Kadyrov is Putin’s loyalist who runs the Chechen quasi-autonomous region with an iron fist. It is widely reported that his private army-according to the statement “Kadyrovites” -was fighting in support of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Alefiev’s report, if verified, will give rare insights into the relationship between Kadyrov’s army and the Russian class and files in this conflict.

Kadyrov’s army has a reputation for the ferocity often used in the Kremlin’s propaganda. According to the New Lines Institute think tank..

Alefiev’s statement follows a series of reports that some Russian soldiers are low morale and hesitate to carry out Putin’s military objectives in Ukraine.

Some of such reports originated from Ukrainian officials and have been amplified as part of the country’s war effort, not all independently verified.

Ukrainian security service tweeted on Wednesday A voice claiming that a telephone conversation between frustrated Russian soldiers was intercepted.

In the voice, the voice suggests shooting the former colonel. They said they were placed in an unstable situation with no weapons or supplies and were ordered to fire by civilians.

“What kind of sexual intercourse did we have, do you know?” Says one voice.

“Fucking guy … shoot that one car first, now motherfucker,” another person said, clearly referring to the Colonel. The other can hear him agree to write a “large report” when he gets home.

Like the report from Alefiev, insiders could not verify the authenticity of the recording.

But others came from independent sources.

March 23, Ukrainian journalist Reported by RomanTsymbaliuk Members of the frustrated Russian battalion ran on the colonel’s feet in a tank and hospitalized them.Later Western officials Told the Washington Post They believed that the Colonel was killed “as a result of the magnitude of the loss taken by his own brigade.”

In early April, lawyer Mikhail Benyash said: Financial Times It Over 1,000 Russian service members He contacted him after agreeing to represent the three Russian National Guards, who refused to fight in Ukraine.

Russian newspaper Pskovskaya Gubernia He also reported on April 7th: 60 Russian paratroopers refused Participate in the aggression. This paper has a reputation for independence in Russia’s oppressive media environment.

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