Ukraine has posted a video showing that Bayraktar drones will blow up Russian armor and further strengthen their heroic status.

  • Ukrainian troops have released several videos stating that they show a drone attack on a Russian target.

  • The Bayraktar TB2 drone played a major role in the defense of Ukraine.

  • The Ukrainian army did not specify a hit location that was difficult to confirm.

The Ukrainian army has released several videos showing its precious Bayraktar TB2 drone working to destroy targets controlled by the Russian army.

On the weekend, Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief Facebook Page I’ve posted five clips showing the strike, but few details of the exact location or target are given.

Drone Welcomed as a game changer by the Ukrainian armyAnd credited with numerous Russian armored vehicles destroyed, gaining heroic status among the Ukrainian people.

The video has been enthusiastically received and has accumulated about 1.2 million Facebook views as of Monday, many of which have been reposted to a huge number of viewers on other networks. The insider was unable to see the video or the specified target.

The first, dated March 12, allegedly showed the destruction of Russia’s electronic warfare system near Kyiv.

“Our Bayraktar TB2 operators have skillfully” tested “enemy electronic warfare systems in the Kyiv region,” said the caption.

This footage seems to have been shot with the camera near the monitor screen, which is a common format for Ukrainian bilactal video. Someone’s reflection was seen and the chattering sound was recorded.

Another 18-second video posted on Saturday states that one of the drones destroyed a multiple rocket launcher.

“Bayraktar is moving!” Post said. “The saved lives of hundreds of our fellow citizens, especially civilians!”

Later that day, a third video post claimed that Bayraktar had removed the Russian military command post.

Neither of those videos gave a place.

The final video dated March 13 claimed to show the destruction of artillery control points. This is a system that adjusts and directs ranged weapons.

Ukraine used 5 to 20 drones before the invasion. According to the New York Times..

According to the manufacturer, the drone can reach an altitude of 25,000 feet and fly for 27 hours in a row.

They can be remotely controlled from up to 300 km away, each carrying four laser-guided bombs or rockets, with a total load capacity of approximately 150 kilograms.

Russia claims to have shot down some, but Ukrainian defense ministers Claimed to have received more since then The war began and the number in service remained unknown.

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