Ukraine has released a video of a bombardment set on the AC / DC “Highway to Hell” at a Russian military garrison near Kyiv.

Ukrainian video Russian cannon

A video shared by the Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief shows the destruction outside Kyiv.Ukrainian Army / Facebook

  • Ukraine posted an aerial footage stating that it was a bombardment of a Russian garrison.

  • video, Share on Facebook On Wednesday, it was set for the AC / DC song “Highway to Hell”.

  • British intelligence said Thursday that Russia’s aggression remained stagnant due to fierce resistance.

Ukraine released a video on Wednesday stating that it showed the bombardment of a Russian military post outside Kyiv set in the AC / DC song “Highway to Hell.”

The video was shared at Facebook According to Valerii Zaluzhny, Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Army.

Zaluzhnyi writes that the bombardment created “a highway to hell for the command post and support points of the 35th Army in the Eastern District Army of the Russian Federation”.

The aerial footage, like other Ukrainian attack footage, appears to have been recorded by the drone. Vehicles and barracks are depicted being blown up in thick white smoke.

This scene is a forest area that insiders could not immediately identify or geographically identify. Reporters and military analysts shared footage on social media, but did not provide location or details.

Russian troops have struggled to advance Ukraine’s Kyiv and other important goals. The invading forces “recently have had minimal land, sea and air progress and continue to suffer significant losses,” the British Ministry of Defense said. Written in intelligence Early Thursday.

“Ukraine resistance remains solid and well-coordinated. Most of Ukraine’s territory, including all major cities, remains in Ukraine’s hands.”

Ukrainian army Said on thursday Russian troops have lost 444 tanks and 1,435 armored personnel carriers since the start of the conflict on February 24.

Neither Russia nor any other country has confirmed those numbers. Russia admitted that about 500 troops had died in early March, but hasn’t put out any more in the weeks since.

On Wednesday, the New York Times quoted U.S. officials The latest Russian death toll is estimated to be around 7,000The numbers it said were conservative.

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