Ukraine imposes national martial law, Biden accuses “not provoked” and “aggression”

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Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said Thursday morning that Russia had targeted Ukraine’s military infrastructure as the explosion was reported nationwide, and imposed national decree.

“This morning President Putin announced a special military operation in Donbus. Russia has attacked our military infrastructure, the border guard,” Zelensky said. “I heard explosions in many cities in Ukraine.”

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense called Russia’s military operations “unjustified deceptive and cynical aggression.”

“There have been strikes in military and other important defenses, border forces have been attacked, and the situation in Donbus is deteriorating,” the ministry said. Said The statement mentions the Ukrainian separatist exclave, which was recognized as an “independent” entity by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday.

“The Ukrainian Army, all special and law enforcement agencies in the state are vigilant. The National Security Council is operating in emergency mode,” the ministry added. “Martial law is imposed.”

This move took place shortly after Putin announced a “special military operation” in Ukraine.

In a television speech, Putin said the operation was aimed at “protecting civilians and demilitarizing Ukraine” and responding to threats from Ukraine.

He said Russia had no plans to occupy Ukraine and Ukrainian troops should “put down their weapons immediately.”

Putin also said that foreign attempts to disrupt Russia’s actions would provoke an immediate reaction from Russia, leading to “results they have never seen before.”

Immediately after Putin’s speech, explosions were reported not only in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, but also in other cities such as Kharkov, Mariupol and Odessa.

Farid Agaev, a local Odessa resident, told The Epoch Times that his family was awakened by the sound of an explosion and a car alarm around 5 am local time.

The Russian Defense Ministry has issued a statement that its troops are targeting Ukrainian military infrastructure.

“Nothing threatens Ukrainian citizens.” Said In the statement.

Zelensky urged civilians to stay home as much as possible. The day before, Ukraine imposed a 30-day national emergency and urged Russian citizens to leave immediately.

Declaring martial law imposes stricter restrictions than a state of emergency and may include bans on meetings, movements, and political parties.

US President Joe Biden said early Thursday morning, Call with Zelenskyy Meanwhile, he “condemned this provocative and unjustified attack by the Russian army.”

“Tomorrow I will meet with G7 leaders and the United States and its allies and partners will impose severe sanctions on Russia,” the president said.

“We will continue to provide support and support to Ukraine and the people of Ukraine,” he added.

Mimi Nguyen Ly contributed to this report.

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