Ukraine investigating the cause of human death immediately after COVID-19 vaccination

Kiev-Ukraine’s Ministry of Health is investigating why a 47-year-old man died just four hours after receiving the Pfizer corona virus vaccine, the ministry said late Friday.

The ministry said there may be no relationship between the two and that the other five who were vaccinated from the same vial as the deceased man were in a satisfactory condition.

Under Ukrainian law and international standards for the organization of pharmacovigilance against post-immunization adverse events, all deaths that occur within 30 days of immunization need to be investigated.

Pfizer did not immediately get comments from the Ukrainian office outside normal business hours.

Approximately 2 million people have been first fired in Ukraine since February, but no vaccination deaths have been reported.

Ukraine, with a population of 41 million, is one of the most affected European countries, with approximately 2.24 million COVID-19s and 52,460 deaths as of July 3.

Natalia Ginets

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