Ukraine launches “Russian War Court” telegram bot to collect evidence of war crimes

Ukraine Security Services (SBU) offers services on Telegram to collect evidence of potential war crimes committed by the Russian Federation as the International Criminal Court prepares to investigate Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. have started.

“Russia will definitely answer the attack on Ukraine! Every day, new evidence is brought to the Hague Court. Our mission is not only to protect our country, but also to inform us about the crimes of the Russian army. It is also to record. No one is exempt from responsibility! To collect the data, the Ukrainian security service has launched a new service – official bot @russian_war_tribunal_bot ”, SBU Said In a message on the federal telegram channel.

The Security Service of Ukraine has called on people to report potential war crimes committed by Russian troops.

Karim Khan, a British lawyer and Supreme Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), begins investigating possible war crimes in Ukraine in response to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in February. Because I said that. twenty four.

Images of cluster munitions and artillery in Ukrainian cities urged Khan to begin an investigation with the support of dozens of countries opposed to the Russian invasion.

“Today, the International Criminal Court in The Hague has begun investigating the case of the Russian Federation’s war against Ukraine, so the invaders must answer everything they do on our land! Has no statute of limitations! “SBU said.

Ukrainian military staff said on Tuesday that bots would allow people to record and submit potential evidence.

Kahn said “war crimes, crimes against humanity, or allegations of genocide committed by someone somewhere in Ukrainian territory” will be investigated.

The SBU also said that official chatbots to report on the movements of Russian troops and sabotage groups are in full operation, helping Ukrainian troops neutralize many Russian tanks.

Chief Told reuters His office said it would check for evidence of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and acts of genocide by all parties to the conflict (crimes under the jurisdiction of the court).

Asked about reports of artillery attacks in Ukrainian towns and cities, Kahn said, “Under Roman law and international humanitarian law, targeting or directly targeting civilians, all sides commit crimes. “There is,” said the court.

Hundreds of Russian soldiers and Ukrainian citizens have been killed since Putin began the invasion.

Reuters contributed to this report.

Isabelle van Brugen


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