Ukraine now has more tanks on the ground than Russia, U.S. defense officials say

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Ukrainian troops will be seen after the release of Ukrainian host Mel on April 6, 2022.Jana Cavojska / SOAP Images / LightRocket via Getty Images

  • As Russia launches a new attack, Western allies are sending heavier weapons to Ukraine.

  • U.S. defense officials said Washington post Ukraine now has more tanks than Russia.

  • Russia still feels the losses it suffered early in the conflict, British intelligence Said..

Ukraine now has more tanks on the ground than Russia, senior U.S. defense officials I told The Washington Post.

“Currently, Ukrainians have more tanks in Ukraine than Russians … and they certainly have the authority to use them,” an official who spoke on anonymous terms told the post.

Insiders cannot independently verify this claim, and it is unclear exactly how many tanks both Russia and Ukraine will have eight weeks after the war.

But the report is coming as a Western country Promised to send heavier weapons to Ukraine To help it protect itself Updated Russian attack Eastern Donbus area.

On Thursday, President Joe Biden Additional $ 800 Million Military Aid Package This will equip Ukraine with heavy artillery, howitzers and tactical drones. The first such package, Announced on April 13Included, hundreds of armored vehicles and Mi-17 helicopters.

Pentagon officials said earlier this month New York Times Help the United States transfer Soviet tanks to Donbus. Officials did not say how many tanks would be sent or from which country.

European countries Said again They provide Ukraine with sturdy weapons, including tanks.

Ukrainian allies have sent more than $ 3 billion in military aid since the invasion of Russia on February 24. The BBC reported.

In addition to this, the Russian army is still losing military equipment.

Ukrainian army Friday said Russian troops have lost more than 800 tanks and more than 2,000 combat armored aircraft since the invasion began on February 24.

Intelligence briefing Published by the British Ministry of Defense Friday “Despite Russia’s new focus [in Donbas], They still suffer the losses they suffered early in the conflict. “

“In an attempt to reconstruct their depleted army, they relied on returning to Russia for repairs to transport inoperable equipment,” the briefing said.

Ukrainian President Zelensky has been asking allies to send weapons for months. In a speech on TuesdayHe said Ukraine would have already defeated Russia if it had been given more war supplies.

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