Ukraine removes captured Russian drone and says it’s full of Western parts, CNN reports

Ukrainian soldier shoots Russian drone

On March 31, 2022, Ukrainian soldiers shot a Russian drone with an assault rifle from a trench on the eastern front of Kharkiv.FADELS ENNA / AFP via Getty Images

  • Ukraine says Russian drones are full of components made by Western companies.

  • Despite global sanctions, Russia appears to have acquired parts from some of Ukraine’s western allies.

  • Russia has a long history of evading international control.

Ukraine claims that the Russian drone used to kill soldiers is full of parts from Western allies.

Ukrainian technical intelligence officer showed CNN’s Nic Robertson Inside the captured Russian Orlan-10 surveillance drone, components around the world have been revealed.

Police officers claimed that the drone’s cell phone tracker was made in the United States. He said the engine was manufactured in Japan and the camera’s thermal imaging module was manufactured in France after Russia had already been invaded.

Other Russian drone parts come from countries including Austria, Germany, Taiwan and the Netherlands, officials claimed.

This is despite a series of global sanctions aimed at destroying Russia’s war machines.

Officers said his job was to track all serial numbers to figure out who played that role and warn allies to prevent Russian drone technicians from getting them. Said there is.

Robertson said Russia has a long history of stockpiling parts and evading sanctions, so it is often not easy to stop supplying commercial components.

The issue of the western part of Russian drones is not a new issue. As early as 2017, researchers discovered that components manufactured to the west of Russian drones were flying over eastern Ukraine. Washington post report.

Some of the components identified from the drone were moved to Russia via ambiguous intermediaries and small trading companies, the newspaper said.

“The FBI has been tracking and closing Russia’s supply network since 2014, so we will continue to try to avoid it if possible. These components can be purchased by legitimate companies. This is a big problem because there are so many, “Russian research analyst Samuel Crannie Evans told CNN.

Russia turned the table in the drone war

The video shows a Kamikaze drone crashing into a Russian tank.

The video shows a Kamikaze drone crashing into a Russian tank.Screen grab / Ukrainian special forces

Drones have played an important role in the war since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine in February.

Initially Ukraine was able to dismantle the drone using a drone Russian tanks and armorRussia Improved air defense It changed the course of the drone war and shot down and disrupted many Ukrainian drones.

Russia is now successfully using drones to target and attack Ukraine, drone war experts told insiders.

Ukrainian drones have become less effective in this new phase of the war, but Russia is flying as many as the number of drones, especially for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions, unmanned and robotic analysts. The military system, described by Samuel Bendett, a and expert Navy Analysis Center..

Ukrainian troops said the heat and infrared images of Russian drones and cell phone tracking, many of them from the West, helped Russia find and kill Ukrainian soldiers, according to CNN reports. ..

Earlier this month, the White House said Iran was ready to export hundreds of drones to Russia to support the invasion of Ukraine.

The package included a “quick timeline weapon-ready UAV”. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said.

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