Ukraine says it succeeded in attacking a Russian vehicle in Kyiv thanks to a telegram hint

This photo, provided by the Ukrainian government, states that a Russian vehicle is burning outside Kyiv.

Image tweeted by the Security Service of Ukraine.Ukrainian security services

  • Ukrainian troops attacked Russian vehicles thanks to Telegram’s hints, officials said Tuesday.

  • According to the Security Service of Ukraine, the vehicle targeted outside Kyiv.

  • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine intensified as Russian troops reportedly bombarded civilian territories.

Ukrainian Supreme Law Enforcement Agency said Tuesday that Ukrainian troops had successfully attacked a Russian vehicle in the capital Kyiv, thanks to public tips made through the encrypted messaging app Telegram.

Ukrainian security services Said in a tweet A message was sent to an official Telegram bot account called “STOP Russian War”, which effectively targeted the Russian convoy near Kyiv.

“Your message about enemy movements through official chatbots … brings new trophies every day,” the agency tweeted.

“This time, we received the coordinates of an enemy vehicle marked” V “in the Kyiv region,” he added.

“The results are in this photo: a fiery” greeting “to the invaders,” the Security Service of Ukraine wrote with a photo showing some military vehicles in a black smoke eruption.

Russian President Vladimir Putin launched Russia’s invasion of Ukraine early in the morning of February 24, targeting several major cities that were hit by military attacks.

According to the United Nations, Ukrainian troops have since shown strong resistance to Russian troops in the war that has killed hundreds of Ukrainian civilians, including children. Ukraine and international officials have accused Russia of targeting civilians with artillery and artillery.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video message on Tuesday that Ukrainian troops “destroy the invaders as much as possible.”

But he said the Russian army “still has enough machinery to kill.”

“There are still enough missiles for terrorism,” he added.

Translated by Oleksandr Vynogradov.

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