Ukraine seeks stronger western support in Russia’s accumulation

Ukraine’s Kiev — Ukraine’s Supreme Diplomat is more powerful on Thursday, saying “words of support are not enough” amid rising tensions in the eastern part of the country and the strengthening of Russian troops across borders. Asked for Western support.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba urged the Baltic states to contact other European Unions and NATO members on providing “practical assistance” to Kiev after meeting with their counterparts in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. ..

More than 14,000 people were killed in a seven-year battle between Russian-backed separatists and Ukrainian troops that erupted after Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula in 2014. Efforts to reach a political solution have been stalled, and volatile ceasefire violations have become more and more frequent in recent weeks.

Ukraine and the West have also warned of the concentration of troops along Russia’s western border. It states that the United States and NATO are the largest since 2014.

Russia Ukraine tension explainer
On April 12, 2021, Ukrainian soldiers are watching through a periscope in a combat position on a line of separation from pro-Russian rebels near Donetsk, Ukraine (AP photo / file).

Russia claims that it is free to deploy troops where it seems necessary within its territory, and the Russian Defense Minister earlier this week accumulated the accumulation of NATO troops near the Russian border on security threats. He accused him of responding.

Kremlin officials warned Ukraine that Russia could intervene to protect civilians in the region and would use force to regain control of rebels.

In recent tensions, the United States told Turkey that two US warships would depart for the Black Sea on April 14 and April 15 and stay there until May 4 and May 5. Ankara that two warships will not make an intersection.

U.S. Navy vessels have regularly visited the Black Sea over the past few years, plagued Moscow. Earlier this week, a senior Russian diplomat said the planned deployment of US vessels to the Black Sea was “openly provocative.”