“Ukraine uses US Patriot system to shoot down Russian hypersonic missile”


US-provided Patriot missile system may have been used to intercept missiles

US-provided Patriot missile system may have been used to intercept missiles

Ukraine has reportedly intercepted a Russian hypersonic missile for the first time.

According to local media reports, highly advanced, US-provided Patriot missile system You may have accomplished an unprecedented feat.

An image allegedly showing fragments of a Kh-47M2 Kinzhal missile that was shot down. Claims to fly at 10 times the speed of soundpublished by the Ukrainian Defense Express outlet.

Remnants of the missile, known in Russia as the “Dagger”, fell into an empty football stadium in Kiev after reports of a large explosion early Thursday morning.

A bang matched a Russian long-range barrage Using Iranian drones A less sophisticated missile targeting the Ukrainian capital, according to local administrators who have not confirmed the use of hypersonic missiles.

Photographs of the wreckage appeared to show a hole in the top of the weapon’s pointed shell, reportedly made by precision ammunition, while the rocket was still in the air.

A hole can be seen at the top of the weapon's pointed shell

A hole is visible on the top of the sharpened shell of the weapon

A Defense Express outlet claimed it was “apparently” intercepted by a newly acquired Patriot missile system.

A soldier from the Ukrainian air defense team responsible for the interception confirmed in a since-deleted tweet that Kinzhal was destroyed by a system donated by the United States.

The unit reportedly detected, tracked, and brought down the missile during the final stages of flight when it began to slow down.

Ukrainian Air Force officials declined to comment on the allegations.

Attempts to take out hypersonic weapons, dubbed “unstoppable” by the Kremlin, were not known to be successful prior to the apparent interception.

The Russian military first used the Kinzhal in combat in Ukraine on March 29 last year, when a missile was used to attack a fuel depot.

Missiles launched from specially modified Mig-31 jet fighters have a range of up to 1,900 miles.

Russia claims the missile cannot be shot down by any of the West’s most advanced air defense systems

Until the Patriot system is handed over to Ukraine, Kiev’s military has said it has no way to intercept hypersonic rockets.

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