Ukrainian Air Force destroys Russian fortress and kills soldiers from company tactical group


VALENTYNA ROMANENKO – Monday, June 20, 2022, 00:00

On Sunday, June 19, Ukrainian aircraft destroyed a Russian fortress, killed soldiers from a Russian corporate tactical group, and Ukrainian Air Force anti-aircraft missile units shot down Russian drones.

sauce: Comments on Ukrainian Air Force spokesmen Yuri Inat and Ukrayinska Prauda

Quote: “The Ukrainian Air Force continues to carry out its mission to protect Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Air Force fighters patrol the airspace and cover operations carried out by assault aircraft that have launched rocket and bomb strikes in the positions of several frontal occupiers. “

detail: According to Ihnat, on June 19, a Ukrainian aircraft destroyed the military equipment of a tactical group of Russian companies and killed its soldiers. They also destroyed the Russian fortress.

In addition, on Sunday, June 19, Ukrainian Air Force anti-aircraft missile forces destroyed a Russian unmanned aerial vehicle.