Ukrainian aircraft sends two Russian Solntsepek heat vaporization rocket launchers to hell

Valentina Romanenko- Saturday, May 21, 2022 23:27

Ukrainian Air Force attack aircraft destroyed more than 12 Russian military equipment on Saturday, May 21, including two Soluntzepek multiple rocket launchers.

[Solntsepek, or TOS-1A is a multi-barrel rocket launch system. The system is equipped with a rack of incendiary or thermobaric rockets and has high destructive capacity. The Soviets called this a “heavy flamethrower.” – ed.]

Source: Air Force Command Spokesman, Yuri Ihnat, Facebook

Quote: “The Air Force attack aircraft successfully completed operation on May 21. At least 12 invaders’ military equipment, including two Soluntzepek heavy flamethrower systems, was destroyed.”

“Russians again attacked Ukrainian territory from the Black Sea with Caribbean cruise missiles. Air force fighters intercepted and eliminated two missiles in the airspace, and anti-aircraft missile forces eliminated another missile in Vinizia.”

detail: According to Yurii Ihnat, Army air defense units shot down the Orlan-10 UAV on the Eastern Front.