Ukrainian airspace becomes empty as more airlines avoid the sky in the tension of Russia

It seems that more airlines have stopped flying over Ukraine after the U.S. warning that Russia could invade at any time, with flight insurance issues in the background and major European airlines flying over Ukraine. Announced the suspension of flight.

Flight tracking service monitoring FlightRadar24 showed At 6:58 am New York time, the airspace in eastern Ukraine was almost empty and there was no flight traffic about 100 miles from the Ukraine-Russia border.

Dutch Airlines KLM Said With reports that other European airlines, including Lufthansa of Germany, are considering servicing Ukraine, we will suspend flights to Ukraine and flights through the country’s airspace.

Most of the 298 passengers killed when Malaysia Airlines MH17 was shot down in eastern Ukraine in 2014 were Dutch citizens.

Russia has gathered about 130,000 troops, including artillery and other heavy equipment, near the Ukrainian border.

Moscow denied plans to attack, stating that military action was to maintain security against NATO’s aggression.

However, US officials have repeatedly warned that the invasion could one day begin.

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told CBS “Face the Nation” February 13th program He added that there had been a “dramatic acceleration” in the Russian military buildup over the last decade, and that the placement of these units was such that military action could be initiated “essentially at any time.”

“We are also very careful that Russian intelligence may have an excuse or false flag operation to initiate Russia’s actions to launch any attack on Russian agents or Russian citizens in eastern Ukraine. I’m watching. I blame the Ukrainians, “said Sullivan.

Amid heightened tensions, the Flight Operations Advisory Company said on Monday that more airlines are likely to stop servicing Ukraine.

Mark Zee, founder of flight operations advisory firm OPS GROUP, told Reuters: “Ukraine is ready to go if what you see on the weekend crystallizes into a few airlines that are actually pulling the pin. I think it will be gone. “

“I don’t think it’s the government’s advice to do that as much as insurers looking at insurance-based availability or other insurers. So, for example, there are KLM, Lufthansa, British Airways, Ukraine. If we decide not to fly at all, we will almost return to the MH17 scenario, “he added.

According to news agency Interfax Ukraine, Ukrainian insurers have received notification from reinsurers that airlines are not subject to war risk.

The Ukrainian government has vowed to open the airspace on Sunday and announced that it has allocated approximately $ 600 million as a guarantee to insurers and leasing companies so that airlines can continue to serve domestically.

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