Ukrainian ambassador says Russian platoon surrendered to Ukrainian troops

Ukrainian soldiers ride in Mariupol's military vehicle

Ukrainian soldiers ride in Mariupol’s military vehicle

Ukrainian ambassador to the United States Oksana Marcarova said Thursday that a platoon of Russian soldiers had surrendered to Ukrainian troops, “I didn’t know they were brought to Ukraine to kill Ukrainians.”

“I got information from the Commander-in-Chief that one of the 74th Electric Brigade platoons from Kemerovo Oblast had surrendered just before I came here,” Marcarova said at a press conference.

“They didn’t know they were brought to Ukraine to kill the Ukrainians. I thought they were doing something else there,” she added.

Marcarova could not say how many troops were in the platoon, nor did they say whether they were detained in Ukraine.

Marcarova said the “combat spirit” of the Ukrainian army was “high.”

The ambassador called on the leaders of the free world to form an “anti-Putin coalition” to thwart Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

“Ukraine protects our home. We protect our home. And all free and democratic nations that respect the principles and territorial conservation, and the rights of all nations for peace. It’s time for us not only to stand with us, but with us. Act with us and stop the war in Europe, “Marcarova said.

When asked if U.S. troops were expected to be sent to Ukraine, Marcarova said her country was not part of a European or Atlantic security alliance such as NATO, Ukraine is any country. Also said he did not expect to fight for that. And peacekeeping operations will be welcomed.

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