Ukrainian ambassador to Mexico leaves the country

Mexico’s Ukrainian ambassador Olga Beatrice Garcia Gillen left the country on Wednesday as other Mexicans and their families fled the Russian invasion.

Garcia Gillen and the refugees entered Romania in Siret, a town on the border with southwestern Ukraine, under the operation of the Mexican government.

After a 19-hour trip from Kyiv, the ambassador said many Mexicans were still unable to leave due to an emergency.

A group of Mexicans, their partners, and a few diplomatic staff were expected to leave for Mexico on a military plane on Thursday.

However, Garcia Gillen said she would stay in the Romanian border to support her return operations.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said on Sunday that about 368,000 people fled Ukraine, many of them in bordering countries such as Romania, Poland, Hungary, Moldova and Slovakia.

Volunteers around the world are showing help by helping those who are dying in war in fear and turmoil.

Romanian Ministry of Internal Affairs Captain Marius Rusu said they were ready to support the influx of large numbers of refugees.

“We all work as a team and we make sure everyone gets the support they need,” says Ruz.

Associated Press