Ukrainian American fighter explains ‘pure evil’ of Russia’s war

An American who volunteered to fight Russia in Ukraine described the carnage he had seen on the front lines – saying the fight for Ukrainians was against “pure evil.”

“Anyone in the West who wants peace talks with Ukraine needs to investigate these villages. We need to see what has been done to these people.”

“This is not like the conflict of the last 70-80 years,” he told CBS News. “For neither side, this war is unsustainable.”

Originally from Tennessee, Elvis fought in Ukraine after being horrified by the Russian invasion. While there, he said he repeatedly witnessed the use of white phosphorous ammunition by Russian forces – a move Russia previously denied.

Elvis described one incident in which he witnessed 20 to 30 Ukrainian fighters “burning alive” and said several committed suicide to end their suffering.

“A lot of guys had suicide pistols and I could hear them screaming and saying goodbye and blowing their own heads off,” he said.

What does it mean that Russia may be using white phosphorus in Ukraine?

White phosphorus is a waxy chemical that instantly ignites on contact with oxygen. Its primary function in weaponry is to burn brightly, and it is used by militaries around the world, including the United States, for incendiary bombs, often illuminating targets at night as part of tracking rounds.

However, when used as a weapon, it is extremely dangerous and can cause deep burns that can even penetrate bone.

“There are certain weapons I’ve seen used on the battlefields of Ukraine — ok, it’s war — but if people in the rest of the world can see what they’re causing , there’s a certain weapon that you can see what it looks like, like when someone dies because of it, there’s going to be a bigger outcry,” Elvis said.

The fighter said he was traumatized by his experience on the battlefield and worried that one of his fellow fighters might commit suicide because of the experience they had together.

But he believes that Ukraine’s fight against Russian aggression is a just war. And he hopes more can be done to stop the conflict.

“If China invaded the United States, destroyed Los Angeles, destroyed Seattle, Portland, and massacred thousands, do you think the United States would sue for peace? No,” he said. Said.

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